Jim Nickelson

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Jim Nickelson‘s Adventures in Celestial Mechanics series is full of shots that looks the way I imagine my iPhone photos looking when I think to snap a sunrise or sunset. Sadly, and obviously, that’s not the case. Nickelson’s project is based on his quest to capture each full moon of the year, at moonrise or moonset, from somewhere in the Maine landscape.

In my aerospace engineering program, the workload was relentless with homework in each class every night. Notwithstanding that, Dr. Szebehely had a long-running joke where he refused to give us any homework on the night of a full moon as he would instead tell us with his thick Hungarian accent: “No homework tonight. It is full moon. You have more important things to do.” I’m not sure I did then, but I certainly do now – every full moon now finds me out there with tripod and camera, seeking out the rising or setting moon.


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