Art Before Breakfast

Art Before Breakfast-1-Design Crush


For years Design Crush was my creative outlet, but recently I’ve realized how much I miss using my hands on something other than a keyboard. My mediums of choice are acrylic paints on canvas and a number 2 pencil with paper. I’m mediocre at best with both, but that’s not what art is always about. Flexing your creativity in one area of life can flow over into others in which you excel.

Artist Danny Gregory’s Art Before Breakfast encourages the reader to incorporate art making into their everyday life. Its pages are filled with strategy and inspiration, quick exercises, and practical instruction on carving time out for creativity for as little as ten minutes a day. Filled with incredible illustrations, it’s tough not to close the cover without feeling more inspired than when you opened it.


Art Before Breakfast-2-Design Crush

Art Before Breakfast-3-Design Crush

Art Before Breakfast-4-Design Crush

Art Before Breakfast-5-Design Crush

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