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01/ Five friends got together and built Icehenge in Lake Mills Wisconsin.
02/ White balloons erupt from houses, basketball hoops, and more in Invasions.
03/ See what a cup of tea looks like in 22 different countries.
04/ Rebecca Bartoshesky turns Jell-o into modern art.
05/ Glowing terracotta warrior lantern sculptures are on display in Sydney for Chinese New Year.
06/ Winter winds have carved frozen sand towers on the shore of Lake Michigan.
07/ Lifelike galvanized wire animal sculptures by Kendra Haste.
08/ Beautiful mosaics made from painted ceramic plates by Molly Hatch.
09/ Joy Pitts turns unwanted clothing labels in to beautiful animal portraits.
10/ I now want to adopt a capybara even more since finding out they enjoy hot tub soaks.

This week on Design Crush:
Big + bold statement art and why it works so well in nearly every room.
Pretty snowy script street art by Faust New York.
I’m an adult! I got a new Casper mattress!
Check out these 12 February DIYs you’ll want to make ASAP.
Stunning textile art by Serena Garcia Dalla Venezia.
Great leather bags meet art at Epoché.
Cheuk Lun Lo turns shampooed heads into abstract art.
Stay warm with hot chocolate 12 ways.
Who knew that flowers look just as great frozen in ice as in a vase? Makoto Azuma.

Design Crush elsewhere:
Sometimes pattern-free is just the way to be!


Makoto Azuma

Makoto Azuma-1-Design Crush


As I type this I have flowers in four different rooms of my home, and it’s not even spring! A few years ago I started to notice how much better my mood was with a few blooms around, so I began making a point to pick some up every week or two. Who knew that they’d look just as good encased in ice as in a vase? Makoto Azuma‘s latest botanical adventure – Ice Flowers – exhibits the life cycles of flowers, from vibrancy to decay as each ice block melts away.


Makoto Azuma-2-Design Crush

Makoto Azuma-3-Design Crush

Makoto Azuma-5-Design Crush

Makoto Azuma-4-Design Crush

(via My Modern Met)


Hot Chocolate 12 Ways

Nothing says snow day!!! quite like a steamy steamy delicious mug of hot chocolate. Your mind might immediately jump to paper packets of the instant variety, but have you ever considered expanding those horizons? Real chocolate. Real cream. Real FLAVOR. Add a little booze, opt for white chocolate, brûlée those marshmallows – so many options! Here are twelve recipes to get you daydreaming about cozy fires and layers of blankets on the couch.














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Cheuk Lun Lo

Cheuk Lun Lo-1-Design Crush


Let’s play the What is it? game – any ideas?

If you thought to yourself “that is definitely a head of hair full of shampoo” then you get the gold star! Cheuk Lun Lo photographs this project from above, creating an almost alien-like landscape in one of the most familiar places possible. The easily moldable medium, when photographed on black, gives the daily task of washing your hair new excitement.


Cheuk Lun Lo-2-Design Crush

Cheuk Lun Lo-3-Design Crush

Cheuk Lun Lo-4-Design Crush

Cheuk Lun Lo-5-Design Crush

(via designboom)



Epoché-1-Design Crush


I’m forever on the lookout for a great leather bag, and when it happens to be paired with some great art all the better. Epoché manages it all by pulling inspiration from painting, printmaking, and pattern design to merge art and fashion. The bags are also very high quality and on sale right now to make room for a new collection! No time like the present to add a piece that’s sure to be a favorite for years to come.


Epoché-2-Design Crush

Epoché-3-Design Crush

Epoché-4-Design Crush


Serena Garcia Dalla Venezia

Serena Garcia Dalla Venezia-1-Design Crush


Chilean artist Serena Garcia Dalla Venezia creates stunning textile art from small handmade fabric balls that she then groups together. Growth and accumulation, order and chaos are the driving inspiration behind her work. The effect is somewhat pixelated in the end, full of thoughtful gradations in color and contrast.


Serena Garcia Dalla Venezia-3-Design Crush

Serena Garcia Dalla Venezia-4-Design Crush



Casper-1-Design Crush


Last week a beautiful thing showed up on my doorstep in a large cardboard box. A MATTRESS.


Casper-2-Design Crush

Casper-3-Design Crush


It’s pure magic that something as large as a queen size mattress can be folded over upon itself and delivered on a doorstep. My 8-year-old spring mattress had seen better days and my lower back was letting me know about it. Because mail delivery mattresses are a popular thing lately I looked into a few different options, but one came out on top – Casper.


Casper-4-Design Crush


After I hauled the burrito-like bedroll out of the box (and took a breather, because let’s be honest), I hauled it onto my box spring and cut along the spot they indicated. And then I stood back and watched as it grew, and grew, AND GREW. It was like an air mattress inflating without the air!

Then voila – I had a new mattress.

I laid down on the thing immediately and basked in the glory of my brilliance and handiwork. When I was finished I noticed that the Casper mattress was supporting my body in all the right places. There was no pressure on my hips or shoulders, my lower back wasn’t arched in space, and I wasn’t sinking.


Casper-5-Design Crush


Each Casper is made from support foam topped with memory foam topped with an inch and a half of high-performace latex that helps keep the bed cool as you sleep. (I can hardly wait to test this out come summer.) Going a step further in sourcing, the knit fabrics come from South Carolina, the wovens from Belgium, and they’re all sewn together in Illinois and South Carolina before being distributed out of New York. And it doesn’t hurt that both Casper‘s site and social media presence have a great sense of humor about them, an all around great brand that I’m happy to support.


Casper-6-Design Crush


Each mattress is backed by a 100-night, no-hassle return policy, and 10-year full warranty. Oh, and free shipping both ways even if you decide to return it. So if you think a Casper mattress might be for you and want to give it a go, email me at designcrushing@gmail.com and I’ll help you out with a code for $50 off!

I received product in exchange for this post. All words and opinions are my own, as always. Thank you for supporting the brands that help keep Design Crush going!


Snow Script

Snow Script-1-Design Crush


Faust New York has been busy this winter tagging snow-covered cars with the most beautiful snow script. He says that writing in the snow is an affinity of most children, and that while others have managed to shake it as adult he hasn’t. Not only do I want to go outside immediately and write on my own car, but I wouldn’t mind Faust showing up in Pittsburgh and tagging it himself.


Snow Script-2-Design Crush

Snow Script-3-Design Crush

Snow Script-4-Design Crush


Big + Bold Statement Art

Big + Bold Statement Art-Brittany Ambridge-Design Crush

Brittany Ambridge

It’s a trend that’s been slowly building momentum over the past year – big + bold statement art. While the gallery wall doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, it’s being given a run for its money by the impactful look of one large piece. So clean and simple, such a focal point. All of these things resonate with my heart and the clean aesthetic I gravitate towards. Feel free to go as big or as bold as you dare, an wall-sized mural is as much fair game as a massive canvas. The beauty of it all is that this treatment works in nearly every room, from dining room to bedroom and everywhere in between.


Big + Bold Statement Art-Armelle Habib-Design Crush

Armelle Habib


Big + Bold Statement Art-Vogue Living-Design Crush

Vogue Living


Big + Bold Statement Art-Nickey Kehoe-Design Crush

Nickey Kehoe


Big + Bold Statement Art-Oliver Gal-Design Crush

Oliver Gal