Woven Pear

Woven Pear-1-Design Crush


One of the best parts about being in a circle of creative people is that they never. stop. creating. When they hit the pillow at night their minds are still going, thinking about the next thing they just have to make. Designers Melanie Burk and Alma Loveland are the friends and minds behind Woven Pear, a shop that designs socks for women literally down to the¬†soles (check out the cute sayings on each pair). I have the Foxy Lady pair above and they’ve made many dreary¬†winter days brighter.


Woven Pear-2-Design Crush

Woven Pear-3-Design Crush

Woven Pear-4-Design Crush

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  • charlotte

    March 5, 2015 at 6:18 pm Reply

    I love these, so many fun designs!

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