Back in the ‘Burgh: 6 Months Later

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Several of you who took this year’s Reader Survey mentioned you wanted to see more of Pittsburgh, hear how it differs from my years spent in Oklahoma City, and generally just know how I’m adjusting to living back in my hometown. I’m 100% happy to share all of those thing with you, and so glad to hear (read?) there’s interest! I’ll be rolling out local maker profiles and tours in the next few months as well as highlighting my favorite spots as I discover them.  But until then, March 8th marked six months since the move so I thought I’d reflect a little on how things have been going.


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It’s been easier than I’d anticipated. Prior to relocating I honestly thought I might end up in therapy from reverse culture shock, but nothing could have been further from the truth. Turns out my small hometown still felt just like, well, home. It’s been going through a bit of a renaissance and the downtown area has been turning over slowly to some welcome new businesses. (Case in point: a juice bar opened last month!) It’s so nice being near family and the few friends I’ve kept in contact with through the years, as well as being able to see out-of-town friends who come back to visit. The anxiety that’s plagued me since college has decreased dramatically, and I feel more grounded here than anywhere which has been a discovery in itself. I’m absolutely in love with my home, it feels like the space I’ve always dreamed of creating for myself and it makes me proud.


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It’s been different than expected. I’d gotten so used to not living near family that I need to remind myself to make time to visit and take advantage of my new proximity. I get frustrated that I haven’t learned my go-to brunch place, favorite restaurants, or where to pick up that perfect gift just yet. The same goes for not having immediately built a community to immerse myself in. (I tend to forget that I built the foundation for one years ago by staying connected to the city online.) It’s a bit strange to live about 25 miles from downtown Pittsburgh as opposed to the 10 from Oklahoma City, so I’m in the car a bit more. I miss being 2 minutes away from Super Target (true story). My 115 year old house has had some issues – leaking roof, sewage in the basement from settled pipes, hot water tank died – that I wasn’t financially anticipating this soon.

All in all I know I made the right decision to move back. I’d been gone since leaving for college and I love getting to know this city as an adult.

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  • Mariele

    March 12, 2015 at 12:01 pm Reply

    Zenith has a great bunch, go early to avoid the lines but delicious vegan brunch buffet. So good.

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