Ali Cavanaugh

Ali Cavanaugh-1-Design Crush


You’ve probably heard of (or know someone) who lost one of their senses at an early age and in turn found that the others were all heightened to compensate. Artist Ali Cavanaugh lost her hearing at the age of two through spinal meningitis. She looks at it as a blessing in disguise because it made her more sensitive to the people around her and the unspoken language of the human body, all of which shows in her unique paintings of watercolor layered over kaolin clay.


Ali Cavanaugh-2-Design Crush

Ali Cavanaugh-3-Design Crush

Ali Cavanaugh-4-Design Crush

Ali Cavanaugh-5-Design Crush

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  • Dianne

    March 24, 2015 at 4:43 am Reply

    These are incredible.

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