SUMMER + HP Sprout (+ a Download)



I have two things on the brain lately: summer and the color pink. In my mind the two just go together in a no brainer sort of way. I had the chance to team up the two when HP kindly asked me to try out their latest innovative product, Sprout.

Sprout is a touch-screen Windows PC that has a touch-sensitive mat and projection surface where you’d expect to see a keyboard. The interface is surprisingly simple. The mat and the monitor act like two screens, and you can seamlessly drag objects between the two to create. The hood that extends over the screen is called the Illuminator and includes a scanner, depth sensor, camera, and projector. It’s responsible for projecting that second screen onto the mat, but users can also photograph objects and make 3D scans with its help. Total magic. Don’t feel like using the touchscreen? That’s cool, just unsnap the pad and use the keyboard that comes with Sprout.





I’d recently squirreled away a pack of ombre tissue paper and knew it would be perfect for the creation I had in mind. The first thing I did was lay out a piece on the pad and scan it with a single touch of my finger on the screen. Then I cut out letters to spell out SUMMER and arranged them on the pad beneath the Illuminator. Another touch of that blue camera icon on the screen and we were in business.




After pulling both images that I’d just scanned from the monitor to the projected screen on the pad, and just a little manipulation, I’d created a fun and bright desktop wallpaper design. It took a total of about 15 minutes and I loved getting to use my hands in conjunction with Sprout. Nearly all of my design work take place on a machine these days, and I can’t tell you how good it felt to create something more analog once again.



Download the SUMMER desktop wallpaper here

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  • claire

    June 9, 2015 at 1:55 am Reply

    whoa so cool! and it looks so easy. I’m loving your little “gallery wall” by your desk. 🙂

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