Meike Harde / Wooden Aquarelle

Meike Harde : Wooden Aquarelle-1-Design Crush



Meike Harde‘s Wooden Aquarelle looks like everything and nothing all at once. The Milky Way? Yup. Rainbow sherbet? Sure. Blown up photos of watercolor palettes? Yes. But what is it really? Liquid pigments poured on bare wooden surfaces that randomly created color gradients is what. Harde then uses these transformed pieces of wood in the building of wall panels, floor tiles, and furniture.



Meike Harde : Wooden Aquarelle-2-Design Crush

Meike Harde : Wooden Aquarelle-3-Design Crush

Meike Harde : Wooden Aquarelle-4-Design Crush

Meike Harde : Wooden Aquarelle-5-Design Crush

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  • charlotte

    September 16, 2015 at 2:31 am Reply

    Gorgeous colour blending, love it, thanks for sharing!

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