Shady Acres

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Back in August I had a chance to meet a few of the people behind Shady Acres, including the queen bee herself Ana Finkle. You know how passion shows? So much of that. Ana’s been preserving since early childhood and grew up on the land that is Shady Acres Organic Farm in upstate New York. A few years ago they organically certified the land and she received her Master Preserver Certification from Cornell University. All of Shady Acres’ jams, relishes, and chutneys are handcrafted in small batches of three to six jars, ensuring consistency and quality from the end product as well as the fruit and produce they pick right outside. They gave me a jar of black currant jam that I’ve been rationing, so it’s probably time I swung by their shop to pick up a new seasonal flavor – I’m eyeballing the caramel pear jam!


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