Jane Lafarge Hamill

Jane Lafarge Hamill-1-Design Crush


Do you see what I see? Jane Lafarge Hamill‘s paintings investigate contemporary portraiture through swaths of partially mixed paint and suggested outlines of features.

While painting, I both remember and imagine interactions with people; from the real to the surreal, from the mundane to grand, with anyone from close friends to compelling historical figures; and then try to render them with an emotional flash to establish all the pieces together in a gestural present. In my most recent paintings, the subjects are more fugitive; they’re fleeting figures whose aesthetic roots lie more closely to a brain scan than a traditional profile. These new portraits depict an applied, but honestly felt, emotional space that exists between the memory of looking, being looked at, and going deeper to bring a rich interior life to the surface.


Jane Lafarge Hamill-2-Design Crush

Jane Lafarge Hamill-3-Design Crush

Jane Lafarge Hamill-4-Design Crush

Jane Lafarge Hamill-5-Design Crush

Jane Lafarge Hamill-6-Design Crush

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  • Sabrina

    November 25, 2015 at 1:26 pm Reply

    I absolutely adore these paintings! They are so beautiful!

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