F/W15 Looks I Might Actually Try

F:W15 Looks I Might Actually Try-1-Design Crush

Cherry Bombe Ombre Nails from OPI

It’s been a few years since I’ve attended New York Fashion Week, but I always make sure and pay attention to the trends hitting the runways. I like to imagine how I might translate some of them to fit my casual/modern style, but I’m also drawn to the makeup trends. My daily look is classically minimal with the focus on strong black eyeliner on my upper lids and usually red on my nails. If I’m going to step out of that box it has to be good, and usually a little off the beaten path. I’ve got these five looks bookmarked for days this fall and winter when my look is calling for a little something extra.


F:W15 Looks I Might Actually Try-2-Design Crush

Minimally bold lids from Laura Coulson for Rollacoaster


F:W15 Looks I Might Actually Try-3-Design Crush

Red ombre lips from LzJade


F:W15 Looks I Might Actually Try-4-Design Crush

Striking colored brows from Edaline Lee via Najla Kaddour


F:W15 Looks I Might Actually Try-5-Design Crush

Abstract painterly nails from jinsoonchoi

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