Finding Your Scent

MCMC-1-Design Crush


Scent is an extension of personality, style, and person. It’s something that can be deeply intimate, linked to memories and different periods of life. For me it was CK1 in junior high, white musk in high school, Ralph in college, and several more since. It’s all been an experiment in making sure what I’m wearing reflects who I feel I am at any given time.

Lately I’ve been exploring with MCMC‘s fragrance’s. I’d been curious about the Brooklyn-based shop for some time, and after meeting co-owner and modern perfumer Anne McClain in August, I knew I needed to dig deeper. I tried the six scents above, but what I fell in love with instantly was a new collaborative scent – MOCIUN #2. The perfume oil has elements of wild black spruce, patchouli, and Brazilian rosewood and I feel like this one is going to be with me for quite awhile.


MCMC-2-Design Crush


Four things to keep in mind when choosing a scent:

Sniff away at anything and everything, but know that your olfactory bulb weakens after the first three. If you’re testing more than that try burying your nose in your elbow crease in between to “reset” your senses.

Start with lighter scents like musks, then cycle through heavier ones like citrus, floral, and woodsy.

Just because you like the way it smells in the bottle doesn’t mean it will smell the same once it hits your skin. It’s all about chemistry, so make sure you try it on yourself before making a purchase. It can even change over a few hours making a test-run essential.

Make sure you understand what you’re smelling, so that you can isolate your favorite notes and look for them in other scents as well.

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