Marta Spendowska

Marta Spendowska-1-Design Crush


Marta Spendowska‘s watercolors bring so many emotions to the surface for me, I actually have three of her pieces in my own home. The Polish-born artist works with no concept in mind, relying instead on the beauty of color and shape and the variable of chance that comes with creating. The contrast, bleeds, distortions, and even mistakes are what make her work so utterly human. Please take a peek at her shop to pick something up for yourself.


Marta Spendowska-2-Design Crush

Marta Spendowska-3-Design Crush

Marta Spendowska-4-Design Crush

Marta Spendowska-5-Design Crush

Marta Spendowska-6-Design Crush

Marta Spendowska-7-Design Crush

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  • Marta Spendowska

    March 2, 2016 at 11:58 am Reply

    Thank you, Kelly, so so much for sweet words and loving my work!
    So appreciate you sharing !

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