Reinventing My Design Obsession + HP Spectre

HP Spectre-3-Design Crush


When it comes to technology I’m most definitely drawn to a certain aesthetic, one that overflows into every other realm of my life. Clean lines, modern look, and limited color palette. I always looks forward to what’s next from HP, our longstanding partner, like their recently released PC with incredible craftsmanship and style – the HP Spectre. The resulting technology is a form of reinvented obsession, and delivers a luxurious computing experience that should resonate with all design-minded folks. HP reimagined every element during the design process to ensure the best user experience as well as maximum performance. The end result is a PC that doesn’t compromise on style, function, or performance.


HP Spectre-4-Design Crush


The idea of reinventing obsession is nothing new to me, I do it on a daily basis both here on Design Crush and as a graphic designer. Each day and every project requires me to reevaluate, refocus, and bring my best creative self to the table. It’s not always easy but Spectre is a source of inspiration, in particular its modern color palette. I’ve found myself inexplicably drawn to shades similar to its high contrast matte aluminum body and glossy copper trim over the past few weeks in everything from design projects to my own home.


HP Spectre-6-Design Crush

HP Spectre-5-Design Crush

HP Spectre-7-Design Crush

HP Spectre-1-Design Crush

You may have also noticed that HP has debuted a sleek new logo, a modern take on the two letters consisting of little more than four slashes. When working on my bread and butter, logo and branding work, I tend to think minimally when starting work on a new brand. This redesign reminds me that in design simple is usually best. A rule of thumb that I live by is to take away, then take away some more until nothing is left but the necessities.


HP also collaborated with two world-renowned designers to create exclusive limited edition Spectres that highlight the intersection of art and technology. Dutch-born, London-based designer Tord Boontje created the HP Spectre by Tord Boontje that exhibits delicate, intricate, dreamlike patterns across the laptop. Los Angeles-based jewelry designer Jess Hannah created the HP Spectre by J. Hannah with opulent 18K gold. Both will be auctioned off for charity.

This post sponsored by HP Spectre as they #ReinventObsession. All words and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that help keep Design Crush creating fresh content!


Giordanne Salley

Giordanne Salley-1-Design Crush


Summer vibes abound in Giordanne Salley‘s paintings. Flashlight battles, plenty of bare feet, and making out abound in the wooded lands she captures in paint. I want to go to there.


Giordanne Salley-2-Design Crush

Giordanne Salley-3-Design Crush

Giordanne Salley-4-Design Crush

Giordanne Salley-5-Design Crush


Peg Woodworking

Peg Woodworking-1-Design Crush


There’s a sweet woven bench in my entryway, but not near as sweet as these pieces by Peg Woodworking. Each piece is handmade in Brooklyn by Kate Casey using local and non-toxic lumber, natural oil sealants, and all natural cotton cord. A wooden or metal frame is anchors handwoven designs of geometric patterns that form the seat.


Peg Woodworking-2-Design Crush

Peg Woodworking-3-Design Crush

Peg Woodworking-4-Design Crush

Peg Woodworking-5-Design Crush


Nick Knight / Paint Explosions

Nick Knight-1-Design Crush


I’m in the best mood this week, and influential/visionary photographer Nick Knight‘s paint explosions capture how my guts are feeling. Destruction can be so captivatingly beautiful. Knight’s site SHOWstudio documents his creative processes from conception to completion – don’t you love a good behind the scenes?


Nick Knight-2-Design Crush

Nick Knight-3-Design Crush

Nick Knight-4-Design Crush


Kueng Caputo

Kueng Caputo-1-Design Crush


Kueng Caputo is a collaborative art effort between two design school friends, and each consecutive collection seems better than the last. My favorite is Never Too Much, a series of benches, stools, bowls, and lights made from leather and enamel that have been splattered with organic vegetable stains in to create a chromatic effect. Just looking at them I can feel joy rising up within myself!


Kueng Caputo-2-Design Crush

Kueng Caputo-3-Design Crush

Kueng Caputo-4-Design Crush

Kueng Caputo-5-Design Crush

Kueng Caputo-6-Design Crush

Kueng Caputo-7-Design Crush


Mirror Masks

Mirror Mask-1-Design Crush


These yes, no, and maybe Mirror Masks are so much fun for your walls! It may be a Monday, but I’m feeling the yes after a weekend filled with so much fun and so many friends. (You can purchase each one separately or as a set of three.)


Mirror Mask-2-Design Crush

Mirror Mask-3-Design Crush


Anna Buckner

Anna Buckner-1-Design Crush


North Carolina-based Anna Buckner‘s quilt paintings are completely captivating. She begins by piecing scraps of fabric together to form the top half of a quilt that’s then stretched on a support. The action causes the material to warp and a beautiful transformation takes place.


Anna Buckner-2-Design Crush

Anna Buckner-3-Design Crush

Anna Buckner-4-Design Crush

Anna Buckner-5-Design Crush

Anna Buckner-6-Design Crush


Jessica Brilli

Jessica Brilli-1-Design Crush


Jessica Brilli‘s ongoing series of paintings – Static – pay homage to a time that no longer exists through vintage cars, telephones, and more. Her eye and hand bring a contemporary eye to the past in everything she touches. Jessica’s current project – Slideshow – is a collection of paintings inspired by slides found at yard sales and in basements in Massachusetts and New York.


Jessica Brilli-2-Design Crush

Jessica Brilli-3-Design Crush

Jessica Brilli-4-Design Crush

Jessica Brilli-5-Design Crush

Jessica Brilli-6-Design Crush


Matcha 12 Ways

I had my first experience with matcha a few years ago in a tea shop in Oklahoma City. So what is the stuff exactly? Matcha is a finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea. Now that’s not so intimidating, right? Turns out you can make all kinds of delicious things with it besides tea and lattes, too. Read on for twelve of them.














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Shelby Ling

Shelby Ling-1-Design Crush


I’m digging Shelby Ling‘s loosey goose style, particularly in the plant illustrations. Maybe it’s because I have warm weather on my mind, and can hardly wait to whip my backyard into decent shape and haul out the deck furniture this weekend. At any rate, you can pick up something for yourself in Shelby’s shop!


Shelby Ling-2-Design Crush

Shelby Ling-3-Design Crush

Shelby Ling-4-Design Crush

Shelby Ling-5-Design Crush

Shelby Ling-6-Design Crush