Julian Meagher

Julian Meagher-1-Design Crush


Portraits, reclaimed bottles, and plenty of plant life all play parts in Julian Meagher‘s paintings. Some so dimensional that I had myself questioning just what I was looking at. I’m pinning it on the fact that Meagher is a former medical doctor with an innate understanding of 3D, though he’s also trained in traditional oil portraiture in Florence, Italy and carries over some of those techniques. Whatever the case, just wow.


Julian Meagher-2-Design Crush

Julian Meagher-3-Design Crush

Julian Meagher-4-Design Crush

Julian Meagher-5-Design Crush

Julian Meagher-6-Design Crush

Julian Meagher-7-Design Crush

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  • Dianne

    April 12, 2016 at 11:30 am Reply

    I like these VERY much.

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