Joshua Flint

Joshua Flint-1-Design Crush


Joshua Flint‘s paintings very much remind me of fading memories. The kind that are getting blurry at the edges, no matter how hard you try to focus and pull them into the front of your mind. They’re happy and sad and melancholy all at the same time.

Flint’s work is based on images curated from many sources such as digitized museum archives, vintage shops, and social media platforms. The paintings fluctuate between the familiar and the unknown while simultaneously including the past and present. By rearranging the hierarchy of elements the paintings become fictions that allow countless interpretations. Layered into works are references to liminality, ecological issues, neuroscience, psychological states, and the history of painting, among others.


Joshua Flint-2-Design Crush

Joshua Flint-3-Design Crush

Joshua Flint-4-Design Crush

Joshua Flint-5-Design Crush

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