Cécile van Hanja

Cécile van Hanja-1-Design Crush


Cécile van Hanja finds inspiration for her paintings in the Modernism of the beginning of the 20th century finding order in a time of chaos in the work of Bauhaus and De Stijl. The transparant layering of each painting intensifies the depth and the confusion within each structure she captures.

Besides the beauty of their creations, I’m also fascinated by the lost idealism of progress and malleability where this movement stood for. In my paintings the images of modern architecture are based on a rhythmical pattern of verticals and horizontals in which an uncertain world is created; a multi coloured labyrinth of spaces and look-throughs in which it’s not clear if one is inside or outside. The painted façade seems to consist of parts that come forward and recede. The window sections in between may reveal something of the interior, in vibrating light. A lost modern world symbolising confusion and uncertainty that depict our time.


Cécile van Hanja-2-Design Crush

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