Arthur Brouthers



I know I’ve come across something really special when choosing only five or six images to share seems like a daunting task. Arthur Brouthers‘ creations stopped me dead in my tracks and I had to know more about his process and inspiration.

The innovation of the technique I utilize in my work is based on years of experimentation with acrylic paint, various mediums, and manipulating the environment. The results are not entirely predictable; which parallels the natural world my work emulates. The amorphous shapes and colors are easily found in nature; whether being under a microscope, through a telescope, or viewed by our own eyes. I pour the paint and create a reaction that mimics natural phenomena, forming images in an unorganized unity. A thick clear medium is often applied to finished pieces, providing a looking glass into an ever evolving natural reaction. The viewer is left to find resonance between the piece and their own perception.







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