Dark Facades



Earlier this week I had a dream. I was hiking up a hillside path with a few friends when we saw a house that I said was my dream home, sort of a cabin-meets-tudor that was painted jet black and backed up to a forest with a big front lawn. No sooner did the event take place in my dream than my subconscious filed it away as 100% true. I’ve been in love with all black homes since seeing my first – a Victorian in San Francisco, I believe – but my location has never lent itself to making it a sensible reality. With the way black traps and collects heat it would have been a deathtrap in Oklahoma City, but here in Pennsylvania it makes a little more sense with the weather as well the style of house. In other words, I would happily paint the facade of my place obsidian if I could only get the nagging voice that keeps saying resell value! out of my head.




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The Fresh Exchange


Todd Davis Architecture






Habitus Living


Jean Verville Architecte


Møn Huset

  • Megan Gilger

    January 4, 2017 at 3:54 pm Reply

    Thanks for linking to our story 🙂 I saw your comment about resale value as being what is holding you back on painting your house. We painted our last house black on the outside. It was Broadway from Behr and we were the talk of the neighborhood of historic homes but our house had one of the highest appreciations in the 2 year span we had it. We didn’t even get it on the market either and had a 100% cash offer on it. Granted it was in a hot market in a great location, but it did not hinder resale one little bit and many people would stop us when we were outside and ask the name of the color. We now are about to build our next home and thinking of going dark again. Just a little push to get you to the dark side 😉

    • Kelly

      January 4, 2017 at 4:14 pm Reply

      That’s great to know! I’ll definitely factor that into the equation when making my final decision. 😉

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