Riin Kaljurand


Riin Kaljurand‘s art is heavily influenced by her geopolitical origins, she makes it plain to see in her textural collages that are full of women hard at work in traditionally masculine settings like farms, factories, and construction sites. Each piece is created from dried layers of acrylic or household paint – manipulated at different stages of drying – by scraping, folding, cutting, drawing into and layering. Often the paint ends up looking like some other material altogether as a response to the materials shown in the source photographs.

I also use mass-produced tools, considered traditionally feminine, like icing nozzles and hair combs to create my paintings. To give my work a three-dimensional sculptural form, I make acetate structures by vacuum forming traditionally considered feminine objects like combs, brushes, cosmetic items, polishers, files, toys etc. Then I fill these forms with paint and when paint has dried, I remove these sculptural paint objects from acetate structures and incorporate them into my paintings.







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