Angel Oloshove

Angel Oloshove-1-Design Crush


Angel Oloshove‘s sculpture and pottery pieces are downright dreamy in their abstractness. You can’t help but see her past experience as a toy designer in Tokyo trying to escape from the seams of each piece.


Angel Oloshove-2-Design Crush

Angel Oloshove-3-Design Crush

Angel Oloshove-4-Design Crush

Angel Oloshove-5-Design Crush

Angel Oloshove-6-Design Crush


Jess Riva Cooper / Viral Series

Jess Riva Cooper-1-Design Crush


Toronto-based Jess Riva Cooper is a mega talented sculptor who loves to incorporate color and illustration into her pieces. Flora entangle themselves around busts in her Viral Series, II, and III, taking over the human body in an almost parasitic way.

I study the foundation myths of the Dybbuk in Yiddish folklore and reinterpret these traditional stories through a female lens. I also investigate fallen economic and environmental climates in cities where houses have become feral, disappearing behind ivy, trees and Kudzu vines that were planted generations ago. I see a direct parallel between my interest in insidious plant life and a malevolent Dybbuk spirit, which takes over the human body.


Jess Riva Cooper-2-Design Crush

Jess Riva Cooper-3-Design Crush

Jess Riva Cooper-4-Design Crush

Jess Riva Cooper-5-Design Crush

Jess Riva Cooper-6-Design Crush

Jess Riva Cooper-7-Design Crush


Dan Lam

Dan Lam-1-Design Crush


Want. To. Touch.

Dan Lam‘s sculptures are so otherworldly and organic that it’s difficult to not want to reach out and touch them with your own fingertips. The magic comes from polyurethane foam, resin, and acrylic on wood panel, but I think the real answer is Mars.


Dan Lam-2-Design Crush

Dan Lam-3-Design Crush

Dan Lam-4-Design Crush

Dan Lam-5-Design Crush

Dan Lam-6-Design Crush


Lorien Stern

Lorien Stern-1-Design Crush


Colorful, fun, and full of personality. Anyone who creates art with those descriptors most likely embodies them, and I think California artist Lorien Stern most definitely does. I’m partial to the colorful shark heads! Check out her shop here.


Lorien Stern-2-Design Crush

Lorien Stern-3-Design Crush

Lorien Stern-4-Design Crush

Lorien Stern-5-Design Crush


Valerie Hammond

Valerie Hammond-1-Design Crush


I think we can all agree that Valerie Hammond‘s wax sculptures are creepy and so freaking awesome. Working with wax, silk, and wire, she manipulates each delicate material to create these mildly disturbing results. Please don’t stop, Valerie. Please don’t stop.


Valerie Hammond-2-Design Crush

Valerie Hammond-3-Design Crush

Valerie Hammond-4-Design Crush

Valerie Hammond-5-Design Crush



Bubblegraphy-1-Design Crush


Bubblegraphy is a series of vases that can’t help but capture your attention. Studio Oddness, a collaboration between Thomas van der Sman and Adrianus Kundert, has created a special process to blow bubbles into the glaze. The end result looks three dimensional and makes each and every vase 100% unique.


Bubblegraphy-2-Design Crush

Bubblegraphy-3-Design Crush

Bubblegraphy-4-Design Crush

Bubblegraphy-5-Design Crush


Larry Mantello

Larry Mantello-1-Design Crush


Larry Mantello creates some of the most amazing pop culture-based art I’ve seen yet. Using everything from plush Garfields to Rolling Stone air fresheners to entire packaging displays, Mantello pieces together little bits of the 1980s that all but take me back in time.


Larry Mantello-2-Design Crush

Larry Mantello-3-Design Crush

Larry Mantello-4-Design Crush

Larry Mantello-5-Design Crush

Larry Mantello-6-Design Crush