Larry Mantello

Larry Mantello-1-Design Crush


Larry Mantello creates some of the most amazing pop culture-based art I’ve seen yet. Using everything from plush Garfields to Rolling Stone air fresheners to entire packaging displays, Mantello pieces together little bits of the 1980s that all but take me back in time.


Larry Mantello-2-Design Crush

Larry Mantello-3-Design Crush

Larry Mantello-4-Design Crush

Larry Mantello-5-Design Crush

Larry Mantello-6-Design Crush



PINCH-1-Design Crush


I’m currently sipping some green tea as I type, and I’m wishing it were out of this PINCH cup and saucer instead of a mug I’ve owned since college. Inspired by ancient clay oil lamps, this matte porcelain beauty excels at elevating a mundane experience.


PINCH-2-Design Crush

PINCH-3-Design Crush

PINCH-4-Design Crush


Christina A. West

Christina A. West-1-Design Crush


There’s much to love about Christina A. West‘s sculpted busts. The realism she employs, the unexpected color, and the creativity of marring something some might consider perfect as is. My favorite, however, is imagining that we all look like a broken open jawbreaker on the inside.


Christina A. West-2-Design Crush

Christina A. West-3-Design Crush

Christina A. West-4-Design Crush

Christina A. West-5-Design Crush

Christina A. West-6-Design Crush

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Isabella Di Sclafani

Isabella Di Sclafani-1-Design Crush


Montreal-based painter Isabella Di Sclafani started out painting huge nudes on the daily, but as of late has moved on to faces and clay sculptures. Her style translates well to both through the saturated acrylics, gouaches, and inks used on smooth surfaces such as panel boards and gessoed wood. Check out her shop for even more.

My paintings are a particular hybrid of expressionism, naïve art, illustration, outsider art and folk art all rolled into one. For inspiration, I rely on my archived collection of magazine clippings, historical portraits, vintage and family photographs, as well as my own photos taken on trips and daily walking excursions around the city. My portraits and clay figurines tend to veer off into slightly distortional anatomical proportions, yet still retain the qualities necessary to convey an emotion.


Isabella Di Sclafani-2-Design Crush

Isabella Di Sclafani-3-Design Crush

Isabella Di Sclafani-4-Design Crush

Isabella Di Sclafani-5-Design Crush

Isabella Di Sclafani-6-Design Crush


Reiko Kaneko

Reiko Kaneko-1-Design Crush


I have a few lovely glazed pieces in my home, but recently I’ve found myself drawn to the look even more. Reiko Kaneko designs fine bone china in elegant, functional shapes; glassware and terracotta that is beautifully thin and light; and pure white china dipped in rich glazes. And I love that there’s constant experimentation in the studio with new reactive glazes!


Reiko Kaneko-2-Design Crush

Reiko Kaneko-3-Design Crush

Reiko Kaneko-4-Design Crush

Reiko Kaneko-5-Design Crush

Reiko Kaneko-6-Design Crush


Angela Schwer

Angela Schwer-1-Design Crush


California-based artist Angela Schwer creates the most incredible sculptures – for your wall. Nature inspires the flower, fungi, and sea plant pieces that are both insanely detailed and beautifully monochromatic. Each of Angela’s artworks are created as a wall tile to be easily hung in your space. Check out her Etsy shop, Dilly Pad, to pick up a piece of your own.


Angela Schwer-2-Design Crush

Angela Schwer-3-Design Crush

Angela Schwer-4-Design Crush

Angela Schwer-5-Design Crush

Angela Schwer-6-Design Crush

Angela Schwer-7-Design Crush

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Matt W Moore / SHADOVVS

Matt W Moore-1-Design Crush


During some time spent in Oakland, CA, Matt W Moore constructed a new body of work fusing his bold, graphic vocabulary with extruded mosaic forms. Light plays an important role in activating the series according to its angle, creating depth through shadows. More on SHADOVVS:

The exhibition is comprised of 5 chapters, each with its own concept and aesthetic. A series of greyscale cut-paper mosaics created in Montreal in Fall 2014 is displayed as evidence of the explorations that led to the layered sensibilities of the more elaborate colorful works created during this Bay Area residency. A series of 4 pure symmetry colorful compositions reminiscent of sacred geometry grids, timeless diamond cuts, and architectural monuments hangs as a family on one side of the space. Opposite this wall is a series of 12 square works that bring Moore’s signature graphic syntax into three dimensions, playing with the eye when viewed from different vantage points. One extra large modular construct composed of 5 pieces that hang synchronized is displayed void of color to allow the viewer to explore the subtle nuances of light and shadow without the distraction of color… On the back two walls… Moore has constructed a large mosaic dimensional mural comprised of the same forms used in the rest of the series. This in-situ installation has been left to chance and intuition, with Moore opting to freestyle the build spontaneously rather than reference drafted blueprints.


Matt W Moore-2-Design Crush

Matt W Moore-3-Design Crush

Matt W Moore-4-Design Crush

Matt W Moore-5-Design Crush

Matt W Moore-6-Design Crush

Matt W Moore-7-Design Crush