Food Design.

Marti Guixe is crazy in the very best possible way. He’s an artist who’s been creating food design for the past ten years. And by food design I don’t mean packaging or designing with food. He’s actually been designing food with a practical purpose. Take for example, the following Guixe creations.

The Seven Step Cookie
A cookie with decoration that indicates how to bite it.

Flavored Stamps
Stamps with food images on one side and with the flavor of the imaged food on the other.

Hands Free Lollipop

Oranienbaum Lollipop
An orange candy lollipop with a seed inside. It is a way to activate sporadic and spontaneous reforestation just by splitting the seed once the candy is finished.

Thanks for the heads up J. May!


Popoutz Birdfeeder.

And this isn’t even related to my recent bird obsession. I love the modern-simplistic look and feel of these Popoutz birdfeeders. And get this: you can buy them here for only $1.80 each. Ridiculous. They’re made out of 100% recyclable polypropylene plastic and come in six vibrant, bird-attracting colors.


Relish Style.

Relish says what they’re about better than I ever could. Relish is more than a brand. It is a lifestyle, a mentality, a philosophy. It is the idea that everyday objects should be beautiful, functional and affordable. It is the zone between individuality and mass production. It is a carefully curated collection of emerging designers from around the globe that inspire, elevate and touch our senses.

Definitely check them out sometime. Here’s what I’m relishing at the moment.

Clockwise from top left: bicycle basket, sugar and creamer set, business card holder, mug, house numbers and red wine glasses


iPhone Mania.

I’m almost positive that I’m the only person in a Mac-conscious world who doesn’t want the iPhone. I have an iPod, so that job’s taken. I also have a digital camera as well as a camera phone. Lead rold and understudy. Taken. I have a Powerbook and a G4 desktop. Once again, well prepared. So why in the world would I need an iPhone???

Because it’s cool as hell, that’s why. I could have withstood all the hype had I not seen one for the first time in person today in my boss’s office and had a chance to play around with it. I am amazed to say the least. To start, it’s much smaller and thinner than I imagined (especially after seeing ads by Mac that used a particularly large hand model). It’s lighter. It’s easier to use. They really weren’t kidding.

So now I totally want one, but sure don’t have the $500 to drop on it since I’m saving for a down payment on a house. Maybe I’ll just have to wait for version 2.0 to come out…and then stand in line for five hours to get it.



It’s important to furnish a home with items that are reflections of the people who live there, don’t you think? Lekker provides an environment that creates a relationship between design and inspiration by bridging the gap. They have lots of amazing things, but are a little on the pricier side of the road. That said, if anyone’s buying here’s my wish list.

Clockwise from top left: kitchen squeeze bottles, porcelain votive set, stainless carafe, bottle opener, outdoor stainless table torches, glass bottles, fire pit, 007 shaker