Gosia Herba



Polish illustrator, graphic designer, and painter Gosia Herba favors interesting proportions and pastels making ordinary people and objects take on a fresh perspective in the process. Cubist influences are evident throughout, and the end result is 100% intriguing.








Rachel Peck



Rachel Peck‘s illustrations are half inspired by amazing 80s graphic art and half fantastical cartoons. The Colorado-based artist creates some seriously bold and playful works that are usually focused on food, patterns, and objects depicted through pastels and thick line work.


banana rama


HANDS copy




Alexandria Coe

Alexandria Coe-1-Design Crush


Illustrations drawn with a loose hand by London’s Alexandria Coe are both sweet and sensual at the same time. Ladies in the act of dressing (or undressing) or lounging in the bathtub who rarely reveal their faces act as subjects of Alexandria’s lovely work.


Alexandria Coe-2-Design Crush

Alexandria Coe-3-Design Crush

Alexandria Coe-4-Design Crush

Alexandria Coe-5-Design Crush


Jessica Smith

Jessica Smith-1-Design Crush


Simple shapes and colors built through layers both physically and digitally are how Jessica Smith creates her art. Her work is mainly editorial in nature but she also creates some interesting book covers, every piece bold and bright and inviting.



Jessica Smith-3-Design Crush

Jessica Smith-4-Design Crush

Jessica Smith-5-Design Crush

Jessica Smith-6-Design Crush

(via Creative Boom)


Swen Swenson

Swen Swenson-1-Design Crush


Swen Swenson has a talent for capturing the beauty in ordinary situations in his minimal illustrations. Serene camping scenes, the fear of a platform diving board, and so many more scenes are brought to life through superb attention to detail. Swenson also designs some fantastically graphic skateboard decks that you can purchase, as well as prints of his artwork.


Swen Swenson-2-Design Crush


Swen Swenson-4-Design Crush

Swen Swenson-5-Design Crush

Swen Swenson-6-Design Crush


Graham Yarrington

Graham Yarrington-1-Design Crush


Brooklyn-based illustrator Graham Yarrington creates some bizarre otherworldly art that I can’t step away from. Whether it’s a mottled forest scene, a UFO mid-abduction, or ancient Egyptian art recreated, Yarrington does it all with a certain flair that makes each piece feel vibrant and fresh.


Graham Yarrington-2-Design Crush

Graham Yarrington-3-Design Crush

Graham Yarrington-4-Design Crush

Graham Yarrington-5-Design Crush

Graham Yarrington-6-Design Crush


Bodil Jane

Bodil Jane-1-Design Crush


From the looks of Bodil Jane‘s portfolio nothing is outside the illustrator’s wheelhouse. Food, recipes, animals, fashion, interiors, plants, packages, and maps are among the things you’ll find vibrating with color, personality, and life as you flip through. (But the zoo might be my favorite!)


Bodil Jane-2-Design Crush

Bodil Jane-3-Design Crush

Bodil Jane-4-Design Crush

Bodil Jane-5-Design Crush

Bodil Jane-6-Design Crush


Happy Weekend

1/Mehmet Ali Uysal‘s installation literally peels and pinches the walls of a gallery.  2/Adult Capri Suns are a thing.  3/Chuan-Bin Chung uses his chalkboard drawing skills to teach students anatomy.  4/IKEA taps HAY and Tom Dixon for new products.  5/Minipresso is the world’s smallest outdoor espresso maker.  6/The colorful grout trend.  7/Pole dancer performs an interactive routine with a responsive geometric background.  8/Genius wage gap alarm clock that rings for women after 79% of the workday.  9/JC Sheitan Tenet got the world’s first tattoo arm prosthesis.  10/Temporary tattoos from Jeannerot look and smell good.  11/Perch Light is a playfully interactive light shaped like an abstract bird.  12/Olafur Eliasson installed a waterfall in the middle of the Palace of Versailles garden.


1/Kris Knight  2/Dreamy Daybeds  3/Katherine Tromans  4/Incense Burner No. 1 Corian
5/William Betts  6/Muesli 12 Ways  7/Matthias Heiderich  8/Ridges  9/Reyes de la Flor