Esthera Preda


Canadian illustrator Esthera “Estée'” Preda is kind enough to welcome us into an incredible world of her creation. Where rabbits have human faces, flowers grow out of the tops of heads, and rabbits are bipedal and ride around on skateboards.

As a child, she was read Hans Christian Andersen and Brothers Grimm fairy tales every night by her mother who escaped the iron curtain. She lived across the hall from her grand-mother who was prone to night terrors. Although, she had wonderful parents, one of her favorite pastimes was to pretend that she was an orphan so she could build, with her brothers and sister, multi-level cardboard houses in the summer and igloo villages in the winter. The world that her art exists in lies somewhere between those ephemeral seasons, night terrors and folk tales.

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Kristin Lidstrom


I love the way illustrator and book designer Kristin Lidstrom uses color in her work. It ends up feeling like another subject, making the viewer stop and take notice of its specific presence in each of her creations.







Toma Vagner


Toma Vagner is a Russian-born, New York-livin’ illustrator. Her works are inspired by Japanese graphic design, technical manuals, Russian constructivism, and an ongoing stationery obsession that I can very much relate to. Each of Toma’s pieces feels a little technical and experimental, which makes for some super interesting outcomes.







Ján Teplan


Ján Teplan is a Slovakian-born, London-based artist and architect who is often influenced by his surroundings and travel. His technical skills lend themselves well to the detail Ján incorporates into both his paintings and his illustrations. Isn’t it fantastic when one of our interests in life benefits another??







Naji Chalhoub


Naji Chalhoub‘s ink illustrations for make for an incredible stop motion short – don’t you think? I really love their erratic nature, how each piece feels really haphazard at first but far more thought out and full of emotion once you really look.

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Olaf Hajek


Olaf Hajek is a German-based illustrator, painter, artist, and graphic designer who uses folk culture, mythology, religion, history, and geography to toe the line between imagination and reality. His works tend to end up feeling like pseudo-collages that suck the viewer into each and every detail, deeper and deeper through each layer.

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Camille Chew / Witch Series


Let’s start this Friday the 13th – in October, no less – with these kooky spooky fun illustrations from Camille Chew‘s Witch Series! If you look closely you’ll notice that each piece includes that particular witch’s familiar (familiar spirits are believed to be supernatural entities that assist witches in their practice of magic). I love the dark darks and electric neons she uses so much.

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Zach Montoya


Zach Montoya‘s illustrations have a definitive theme, one of heroines who seem to be constantly looking over their shoulder in anticipation of something malicious. The events often take place outdoors, with the subjects hiding in caves, crouching in the woods, or boating on a foggy lake. Perfect fodder for mystery!

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Jenna Andersen


I’m 100% certain that if Jenna Andersen‘s illustrations had been in any of my books growing up that they would have been my favorites. I love the way her work invites you into each story without a word, and how the faceless figures jump out from the brambly backgrounds.

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