Thomas Allen.

I first heard mention of artist Thomas Allen in Chip Kidd: Book One. I was so impressed with his cut-out 3D pulp fiction cover art that I tracked him down. Turns out he’s a tough man to find and the closest I came was a gallery showing of his work. There you can check out 27 pieces of his amazingly detailed “collage” work.


Peter Callesen.

Peter Callesen is a talented artist specializing in paper cutting. Detailed paper cutting I might add. His themes usually rotate around fairytales and childhood memories. i utterly heart his work and the way Callsen’s make-believe worlds spill over into reality.


Robert Ryan.

Artists, illustrators and designers amaze me in different ways every single day. I always have a different reaction or feeling with each one, but never have I been left staring, mouth agape in utter wonder as I was when I first set eyes on the work of Robert Ryan. The craft of paper-cutting which he has adopted as his art is intricate and beautiful enough, but what is really striking to me is the subject matter he chooses: emotional, life-altering moments that leave me speechless. I don’t generally post so many pieces of any single artist’s work, but when you fall in love with every single thing it’s difficult to make a decision. Enjoy and definitely check out the rest of Mr. Ryan’s site to see all of his talent.

That’s right, a dress cut from paper in the pages of Vogue by none other than Robert Ryan himself.


Marian Bantjes.

Marian Bantjes is a design genius as far as I’m concerned. I’m literally ready to sing her praises from the rooftops. I love her even more for refering to her gorgeous designs for the latest Saks Fifth Avenue campaign as “swirly stuff” – fantastic!

Bantjes was hired for the project by Michael Beirut of Pentagram. After creating the signature Want It! piece, they moved on to the accompanying eighteen – nine each for men and women. Even Bantjes was suprised when the design didn’t stop there. Saks proceeded to create 3D sculptures of the “swirly stuff,” as well as surface coverings, wallpaper and carpeting.

I wish you could buy these pieces somewhere…maybe once they call it a day with this campaign it’ll hit eBay? Craziner things have happened.


Kako Ueda.

Anyone who can turn a skull into something so beautiful has my vote. It doesn’t even matter what Kako Ueda is running for.


A3 Cities.

A3 Cities is the work of Nicholas Manion, a visual communications student at the Queensland College of Art, Brisbane. Manion creates his cities using common materials such as paper and curerency. Working entirely by hand he turns them into delicate objects of intricate detail and unexpected beauty.



New York