Paloma Rincón


It’s Monday! Let’s start the week off with something fun, shall we? Madrid-based, Mexican-born photographer Paloma Rincón creates her work at the intersection of photography, sculpture, design, installation, and illustration. At that confluence lie shapes, textures, materials, lights and colors all blended together in unexpectedly bold graphic compositions. Rincón clearly has the gift of creating dynamism in her still, harmonious imagery.

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Laetitia Bica / Common land


Laetitia Bica‘s Common land is the culmination of an intense two years of work, both in the studio and during her residency at the Zsenne Art Lab. In a photographic series that feels like two projects rather than one, Bica explores the pre-18th century term ‘common land’, referring to land belonging to one or more persons but on which other individuals – aka ‘commoners’ – enjoyed certain rights of land use. Notice how the individuals are visible yet always covered in some way.






Jordan Tiberio / The Girl Next Door


The first time I recall experiencing depth of field involved window screens, so Jordan Tiberio‘s The Girl Next Door feels a bit like a trip down memory lane. In the photo essay he pays homage to Irving Penn’s 1949 photograph Summer Sleep, New York. Like our memories bits and pieces in each photo are obscured by drops of water, the whole image broken down into tiny squares that compose the whole.










Print Edition: July 2017

Tomorrow by Anthony Burrill


Take a Dive by Confetti House


Print 2, Formation by A’Driane Nieves


Paperclip Index Chart by Present & Correct


Pennsylvania Schematic Map by Transit Authority Figures (all states available)


Painted Leaves by Samantha Dolan


Holly Original Illustration by Kate Lewis Ink


Botanical Print by Prints Project


Another Task for You by David Shrigley


Hi Bear by Becca Tapert


Jonathan Knowles / Complex Simplicity


As a kid I was endlessly fascinated with the game Mousetrap, so being drawn to Jonathan Knowles‘ photographs of set designer Kyle Bean‘s Complex Simplicity project was a no-brainer. Each one is inspired by the Rube Golberg machine, originating from the man’s cartoon creations of complicated machines designed to complete simple tasks. Captured in a pastel palette with a modern treatment, Knowles created a clean and crisp lighting aesthetic across the project that allowed for a clarity of detail befitting the complex Rube Goldberg machine.






Uta Barth


Uta Barth has a wide breadth of work that is ever-evolving with influences of painting, sculpture, photography, and installation. Engagement and perception play big roles in her work, exploring the way the human eye might view something versus the camera, and Barth’s latest two projects – In the Light and Shadow of Morandi and Untitled 2017 – press her forward on that journey. In the first she pays homage to Morandi’s love of repetition, light, and form, while in the second Barth’s focus is on attention to detail in photography.







Hannah Ryan / Subwayhands


Some of the best people-watching can be done while traveling on public transportation, and photographer Hannah Ryan is on a mission to capture the intimacy of the New York subway. For the past year she’s been capturing one specific part – hands – on the Instagram account subwayhands. Holding hands, drawing, eating, and so much more is captured through Hannah’s lens as she documents her commute from Brooklyn to Manhattan and back again, day after day.