Louis De Belle / Cartographies


Shot on the streets of Manhattan with a telephoto lens, Louis De Belle‘s Cartographies reduces humanity to the bare minimum visually. De Belle wanted to highlight ordinary things that usually go unnoticed, in particular the minutia of them. In the end the photos take on an unexpected abstraction that tells the stories of commuters through their clothing.

Creases, sweat stains or even dirt, are the only hints one can see. They tell us about an employee’s day at the desk, a commuter’s routine on the subway or a workman’s shift. These few traces, along the folds of the different clothing, become impressions of everyday lives, eventually cartographies of everyone’s journeys.







Print Edition: February 2018

Peace by Ampersand Design Studio


Pink Floral Bouquet I by Lisa Rupp


Pirkei Avos Quote by Grace D. Chin


Rejected La Croix – Male Tears by Kate Bingaman-Burt


RUDE by scoobtoobins


Checkered Poster by Garance Doré


Dans le vent by Stephanie Rivet


Desert Poster by Linda Benziger


Measurements Poster by Chickpea Magazine


OK by Anna Dorfman


Patty Maher


Ontario-based photographer Patty Maher‘s work is hauntingly beautiful. Her inspiration lies in storytelling, set in both natural and urban settings, and through staged and self-portraits. Using posture and gesture the subjects’ faces are hidden, their inner worlds and emotions explored through symbol and color. Maher’s end goal in each piece is to disrupt the boundaries between real life and the otherworldly, the surreal and the fantastic.

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Niaz Uddin


Niaz Uddin is a Los Angeles-based director, photographer, and filmmaker, and with titles like those it’s no surprise he has a fantastic eye. Uddin’s beautiful shots of nature made me take a few moments to slow down and appreciate what surrounds us, especially appreciated during this hectic time of year.

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José Lourenço / Ice Cream


José Lourenço‘s ongoing series entitled Ice Cream is the stuff visual art dreams are made of! Loaded paintbrushes full of swirled, nearly marbled paint look just about good enough to eat. I’d love to see a video of how Lourenço creates these pieces.








Jeff Dietz


The habit of having a camera and sketchbook with you at all times lends itself well to being a pro at capturing moments. Photographer Jeff Dietz finds inspiration everywhere, finding a particularly strong connection to sunlight, trees, and the streets. Do you find yourself wondering about the backstories here, too?








Nima Chaichi


Nima Chaichi is an accomplished photographer with previous work in another field – architecture. His dual experiences allows Chaichi to combine elements like light, form, ambiance, beauty, and accessories to create a unique style that lends itself well to several fields of photography, including fashion.