Ellis Gallagher.

“It began this spring without explanation: fire hydrants, street signs and bicycles all over Park Slope and Carroll Gardens in Brooklyn were suddenly standing watch over their own distorted chalk outlines, as if anticipating some violent demise. Whoever did this left no clue other than an ambiguous signature: “© Ellis G. 2007,” scrawled next to the chalk etchings.”

Ellis Gallagher (aka Ellis G.) started his art career as graffiti artist. After brushes with the law (including fines and nights spent behind bars) and the passing of a friend. It was then that Gallagher turned to temporary graffiti – tracing any and every shadow he came across. Check out the whole story here.


Drink Away the Art.

Art museums are some of my favorite places in the world and I can appreciate the occasional gallery as well. One thing that has always irked me is the lack of interaction the viewer has with most art. I like to get up close and personal and see what it’s all about, which makes artist Hannes Broeker a man after my own heart. Broeker’s Drink Away the Art exhibition in Dresden, Germany invited viewers to grab a (provided) glass and literally drink away. What I love about this – besides the interaction – is how the viewers are actually helping to create the art as the levels of liquid recede and the frames change.

:: via coolhunter