Nautical Flag Set

I’m mildly obsessed with this boxed collection of the entire set of the International Code of Signals, all depicted as wooden flags. A seriously good gift for the sailor at heart.



Anyone else notice that birds seem to get the best houses? Love these modern structures from burdhaus, designed by Nathan Danials.


Judith Seng

PHOTO + ART: Judith Seng


Judith Seng’s Thrift explores perfect, high-gloss surfaces of logs as they transform over time. An intriguing piece no doubt, but I also couldn’t help thinking the larger pieces would make for amazing end tables. (via Happy Mundane)


Book Hook

Tell Ritterback’s Book Hook was born from the idea that he wanted something better than a strip of paper holding his place. His design prevents damage and mimics the shape of an open book, and I love how it practically turns into a piece of sculpture.


Pup Tent


Pup Tent is a teepee-shaped structure designed by Slade Architecture that’s constructed out of water-jet cut laminated layered plywood. There are openings in the front for access and on the top for air circulation and a little bit of light. Not only do I hope these will one day be available for purchase, I also hope there are different sizes. Piper would love it.