2011 Non-Goals

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What is it about the new year that makes us take stock of our lives and ourselves? Time inevitably moves forward no matter what we do, but there’s just something about throwing the old calendar out and starting the new that makes us all take a closer look. After making my yearly goals (not resolutions) I found myself reading Erin‘s post about the exact opposite – non-goals. And I started thinking about the things that I manage to accomplish fairly well and would hate to change about myself.

  1. Keep finding amazing friends. You have a knack for knowing who you’re going to gel with immediately.
  2. Keep putting family first. They’re always there for you in the end.
  3. Keep having a soft spot for animals. They need you just as much as you need them.
  4. Keep up with the mad organization skills. They always pay off.
  5. Keep on learning, even from the most down and out circumstances. Life is a series of lessons.
  6. Keep trusting. (Maybe just listen to your gut a little more this year.)
  7. Keep taking risks. Even when they seem like safe bets to others.
  8. Keep taking naps. You’re really, really good at them.
  9. Keep staying true to yourself.
  10. Keep not settling. You’ll only regret it if you do.

What things about yourself are A-OK by you?


Here’s to 2011.

Adam J. Kurtz
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Truth be told I had some bigger things planned for New Years on the blog but, well, life sort of got in the way. (As life tends to do.) You might recall that in past years I’ve been a staunchly anti-resolution girl. And I can’t say that that’s changed for 2011. What I can say is that I have some things I want to pay a little bit more attention to.

1. Volunteer more often.
2. Get a new hobby. Like boxing.
3. Become involved in more creative collaborations.

That’s it. Three things. Three things that I actually want to do. And with that… beat it 2010. You sort of sucked.

PS: Thanks for hanging around for another year and reading Design Crush. It brings me more joy than you know!


Happy Weekend.

Anna Grapes

+ What a clever idea, a holiday Sputnik mobile.

+ Have you seen this art made entirely out of typewriter letters and punctuation marks? Genius.

+ Cute holiday cookie stencils to download.

+ Thinking about this recipe for Bacon and Egg Soup!

+ If you’re late on your holiday cards maybe consider sending out Happy New Year cards instead.

+ Check out The Twelve Terrors of Christmas by John Updike and Edward Gorey. Love it.

+ Really want to check out this bar.

+ I’ve been reading this poem almost daily for the past two weeks.

+ Love this father/son art blog.

+ Pouring through this from What Katie Ate.

Happy Weekend!


Resolution Record.

After five days of not touching my reader and over 1,000 posts to catch up on, this is what knocked my socks off the farthest: The Small Object’s downloadable resolution record.

As I’ve mentioned I’m not all that into resolutions, but imagine the possibilities of this bad boy! Diets, exercise, remembering to feed the kids (er) – absolutely anything you want to keep track of doing on a daily basis. She’s provided the genius template, now you provide the rest.


Happy {2010} Weekend.

I cut out New Year’s resolutions a few years ago after making too many unfulfilled promises to myself and feeling bad about it. I’m not knocking them if you’re a fan, I’m just no good with such a big weight on my shoulders. (I’ll lose 50 lbs. I’ll . I’ll single-handedly be responsible for world peace.)

I’m more of a believer that instead of resolving to do something, we should try to make smaller life decisions that are part of our day to day existences. I plan on trying to drink more water, keeping in closer touch with friends and family and starting to landscape around my house. Easy enough because I know they’re all possible without too much trouble. What are your goals for 2010?

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Happy Weekend + Best Wishes in 2010!


The Ideal New Year’s Party.

I’d greet guests at the door wearing this

And this

And of course, these. Which probably wouldn’t last on my feet for long.

There would be plenty of bubbly flowing and guests wandering around with these beauties in hand.

And nothing would be served but dessert.

And this would be sitting in the corner, warming chilly hands and feet.

While this set the mood overhead.
And plenty of candlelight of course…
And music…

And dancing…
And magic.
And when the ball dropped at the stroke of midnight…
Everyone would have someone to ring in the New Year with.
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Yes, exactly like that.

Happy New Year!

Thanks for stopping by from time to time in 2008. It was lovely getting to “meet” each and every one of you. 2009 can only bring bigger and better things to us all and I can’t wait to share it with you through Design Crush!

I’m signing out for the year and will be back Friday. Until then…

Here’s to 2009!

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