Happy Weekend


01/ This DIY wine cork trivet encourages my wine habit. I like that.
02/ Ten famous writers and cocktails.
03/ Kinda digging this chain lock door necklace.
04/ Accessory meets technology with the Bulavkus USB drive.
05/ Pretty nutso over this neon themed wedding.
06/ Yay or nay on this DIY Double Chain Ring?
07/ I can think of few things better than a jar of cake.
08/ These wonderfully impractical public benches are indeed wonderful.
09/ Paint chip table runners are aces.
10/ I want to make these DIY brush glazed mini bowls for every gal I know!


Strawberry Balsamic Spritz

This all started with me wanting to make simple syrup. And it ended with me creating this cocktail to use the simple syrup in. And those red raspberries? Yeah, I didn’t have any strawberries when it came time to take photos. Regardless, a highly recommended cocktail!


Strawberry Balsamic Spritz

• 1 1/2 oz strawberry balsamic simple syrup
• 1 1/2 oz gin (I used Hendrick’s)
• splash of seltzer
• berries for garnish

Super simple and tough to mess up. Combine the simple syrup and gin in a tumbler, use a swizzle to stir together. If you want a stronger cocktail stop right here. Otherwise, add a splash of seltzer for fizz and toss in a few berries for color and texture. DONE.



Happy Weekend


01/  Homemade Peeps!
02/ Spicy Roasted Pineapple Lemon/Limeade – YUM!
03/ Mooo is at it again with 12 pages of Easter downloads
04/ I heart Mark Bittman, check out his Everyday, Anytime Egg-Combination Generator!
05/ Bring home the disco with mirrored subway tiles
06/ Looking forward to the release of Mrs. Lilien’s Cocktail Swatchbook May 29th
07/ You need to be following this beautiful Instagram series – Life with SMS – by Ryan Marshall
08/ Love these watercolor Easter eggs
09/ Ever think about cross-stitching your screen door?


Happy Weekend

PHOTO: Lisa Rupp 

01/ cast iron skillets shaped like every U.S. state!
02/ a bubblegum bubble paperweight
03/ lo-ove this ombre desk
04/ DIY silver leafed garland + favors
05/ Downton Abbey-themed cocktails
06/ 24-Hour Sprinkles cupcakes via an ATM-like contraption
07/ DIY gignormous paper flowers
08/ 13 cheese everyone should know (yum)
09/ animal-shaped ribbon sculptures to wear


Happy Weekend

PHOTO: i.shoot.film

01/ make this heartbeat necklace
02/ love these DIY hand-painted valentines
03/ Princess Bride wine!
04/ the most amazing party rentals EVER
05/ sugar. cookie. bracelets.
06/ the most perfect heart elbow patches
07/ flying people in NYC!
08/ a collection of pocket protectors
09/ pretty mittens with a fab backstory
10/ make some kicked up slap bracelets!



ILLUSTRATION: Winter Wonderland by FloraFauna


It is my belief that a little alcohol (or a lot…) can help take the edge off when family and friends get to be a bit too “festive” during the holidays. And, well, it’s also nice to have a few cocktails in your arsenal for holiday parties, uninvited guests, and Tuesdays in your back pocket. Here’s a little comprehensive list that I’ll be, er, researching over the next few weeks.

01/ Tom + Jerry
02/ Winter Wonderland Martini
03/ Pumpkin Pineapple Cocktail
04/ Apple Smash
05/ Salted Caramel Martini
06/ Christmas Cup
07/ Cranberry Ginger Mulled Wine
08/ Pomegranate Margarita
09/ Pumpkin Pie Martini
10/ Spiced Pomegranate Mulled Cider
11/ Nutcracker Cocktail
12/ Spiced White Wine Sangria
13/ Cranberry Mojitos
14/ Apple Cider Cocktail
15/ Cranberry Orange Cocktail
16/ Cinnamon Bun Eggnog Martini
17/ Orange Salted Caramel Margaritas
18/ Pumpkin + Apple Cider Fizz
19/ Pumpkin Hot Buttered Rum
20/ Hot Apple Toddy
21/ Hot Apple Pie
22/ Pear Almond Crisp Martini
23/ Apple Cider Margaritas
24/ Apple Cider Ginger Punch
25/ Scotchsicle


Happy Weekend

VIA: Design Fetish

The holiday season is officially upon us, are you ready??

01/ definitely picking up this matte lip stain
02/ it’s not too late for a Wild Turkey Cocktail!
03/ maybe I could wear one of these headbands out shopping today?
04/ Joy the Baker has a cookbook coming out!
05/ pumpkin-maple breakfast pudding – YUM
06/ DIY cranberry liqueur
07/ make a DIY George Nelson-inspired slat bench




Input the music you’re listening to into Drinkfy’s site and they’ll suggest a matching libation to match the mood. (Most of mine said a cold PBR… wonder what that says about my musical tastes?)


Autumnal Libations


The arrival of fall makes me want to drink in a completely different way than summer, it’s a fact. Summer’s cocktails are all about patios and feeling refreshed and bathing suits. Fall’s cocktails are more along the lines of comfort, relief, and battening down the hatches for winter’s arrival. Here are a few that should help ease you into shorter days and longer nights. Click on the image to be taken to the cocktail recipe source.











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