Matthew Mead Holiday.

Matthew Mead’s holiday style guide is up and running with some great ideas and finds for the season.

Lots of great downloads are available as usual, but my favorite has to be the date book covers. You know, for those little pocket calendars you can pick up for a dollar with puppies and horses on the cover? Well, with MM’s download you just print it out and pop it into place in the plastic cover. All of a sudden cheap and kitschy turns into chic and trendy.


Round Up: Advent Calendars.

Advent calendars are about to be brought out tomorrow for the Official Countdown to commence. Growing up I had one every single year. It was always different, but always hung on the same closet door, gradually being raised higher and higher up each year as I grew. Coming downstairs to head off to school in the mornings was always made a little better during the holidays because of its presence.

My advent calendars were only ever the kind where you popped open a door to reveal some piece of the bigger picture, but these days there’s so much more out there. Some are up for grabs, some are projects in themselves, one is even a 12 Days of Christmas Countdown. But all are some of my favorites that I’ve come across this season.

Advent in a Box

Advent Calendar Box

Perpetual Advent Calendar

Greeting Card Advent Calendar

Paper Advent Box

12 Days of Christmas Countdown Calendar


Acrylic Tree.

I’m sort of loving this acrylic tree for the holidays by designer Aaron R. Thomas. I think the almost invisible acrylic would really make your ornaments *pop*. The silver balls they use sort of blend in to me and it seems color would make all the difference in the world. There’s a three foot and six foot version of the tree, but they are limited editions, so if you’re thinking of snatching one up for the holidays better do it fast!


Modern Paper Ornaments.

These modern paper ornaments from Design*Sponge’s DIY Wednesday remind me of a grown-up version of a kids’ craft project. They look like so much fun to make – imagine all the color and pattern combinations you could come up with. I’d love to see them suspended from a light fixture.


Everlasting Garland.

Love this Everlasting Garland idea from The Martha. The project seems really easy to complete and the garland can be reused again and again. They show it on a mantel, but I can think of several other places it would work just as well. I would also totally use these for party decorations as opposed to regular, boring crepe paper streamers.


Martha’s Gift Tags.

The Martha has some great gift tags available through her line at Michael’s. I wish I had the time to devote to wrapping gifts that this woman supposedly does, but twenty to thirty minutes per gift is not feasible!


FLOR Party Dress.

I’m loving this alternative to a traditional tree skirt – the FLOR Party Dress. The leafy cut tiles, available in Chartreuse or Brick, give trees a modern foundation of recycled felt. And I’m pretty sure I could find another use for it throughout the year to justify the purchase. Lovely.


Martha Martha Martha.

It’s entirely too early to start posting about holiday decor, but oh well. The first post was going to happen sooner or later here at Design Crush and what better way to start things off than with Martha Stewart’s holiday collection at Macy’s. It’s the jewel tones that really get me as well as the kugel ornaments. And though the wreath of ornaments in the center is only a display of colors available, what a great idea for a project. That sneaky Martha and her crew just continue to out-do themselves again and again. (Which partially explains my love/hate relationship with the woman!)