Monogrammed Candy Gift Boxes.

I started baking last night – Honey Ginger Snaps for those of you interested – and packing the cookies up for shipping to Pennsylvania ahead of my departure (until then they’re in the freezer). I’m sticking to large Gladware containers that I can pack up nice and full and that will keep things as fresh as possible.

I’m not giving cookies to friends and family here this year, but when I saw these monogrammed candy gift boxes I really, really wished I were! Modeled after packages from a Parisian confectionery shop, they’re made of sturdy, stain-resistant paper stock accented with scalloped edging and decorative borders. Your gold-embossed monogram even appears on the lid flap. So classy!


Round Up: Christmas Cards.

I was trying to hold off on this Christmas Card Round Up for as long as possible because I keep seeing more fantastic designs each and every day. But I thought I’d better get it posted before everyone’s cards have already been stamped and sent! Well what are you waiting for? Take a look!


Round Up: Advent Calendars.

I’m running a few days (plus shipping time!) late with my Advent Calendar Round Up. But surely there are some slackers like me out there who don’t mind a late start. Or, who knows, maybe some of you pre-planners are already thinking about next year!

Tower Advent Calendar.
This Christmas calendar holds a 24 boxed large tower with the ability to have a gift every day until the Christmas Eve.

DIY Candy Advent Calendar from Alpha Mom. (via Design*Sponge)
I attached the cups with brads in a grid-like pattern to a piece of decorative paper, then glued the paper to cardboard. I set the board on a table and filled all the cups with candy. Then I carefully sealed each one by painting glue around the rim and gently placing a piece of number-stamped tissue paper on top of each cup.

Chocolate Truffles Advent Calendar.
Twenty-four truffles lead up to a very decadent Christmas. Their accompanying wishes, such as “Peace,” “Hope” and “Compassion” keep the holiday spirit alive. Handcrafted in 12 distinctive flavors, including Italia Espresso, Pear Brandy, French Silk and Conquistador Hazelnut.

Advent Calendar Cabinet.
Hide a surprise like chocolate or an ornament behind each hinged door, so that every day of Advent guests have something new to find. Crafted of wood composites and painted with colorful symbols of the season.

DIY Envelope Advent Calendar from Design*Sponge + d.Sharp.
Starting on the first of December, each numbered envelope will hold a small treat or a note describing a holiday activity for the day, like going to get a tree or making candy encrusted graham cracker houses.

Literary Advent Calendar. (via Black*Eiffel)

Amsterdam Advent Calendar. (via Black*Eiffel)
Windows and doors are numbered 1-25, and reveal a tiny symbol of Christmas behind each one.

PS: If you’d like to check out a few more here’s 2007’s Advent Calendar Round Up!


Flying Wish Paper.

Thanksgiving is still a week away. Christmas further than that. And last of all New Years, which I’m apparently already thinking about! Flying Wish Paper would be so much fun to light and set off at midnight with your resolution or wish written on it! Shape your paper into a tube and place it on the provided platform, then light the top edge of the tube and watch it burn down. At the last moment your wish lifts off the platform and rises into the sky!



Ornaments are the real stars of a Christmas tree, so why not show them off more on the PossibiliTree? Oh, and the simplicity and storage are lovely, too!

Twenty-five years ago, architect Richard Babcock had an idea: Rather than buying, hauling and disposing of a Christmas tree every year, why not create a tree his family could use year after year? The six-foot wooden tree he created back then is still used by his family today. The PossibiliTree shown here is a tabletop version, standing almost three feet tall, with branches that can be fanned out in various ways. The tree is easily assembled and disassembled. The pieces can be stored in the original packaging – a tube, similar to the ones used by architects to hold drawings.


Merry Christmas.

It’s time to do laundry and start packing for my trip home to Pennsylvania. I leave bright and (too) early at 6AM tomorrow and only have about a million things to get done before then. I hope you all have an unforgettable Christmas filled with family, friends and memories. Gushy, but true. I’ll be posting sporadically through the new year and things will be back to normal starting January 9th. Cheers!


Bad Gift Emporium.

The Bad Gift Emporium is genius for this time of year when Christmas sweaters and porcelain figurines seem to run rampant. The Emporium thrives on the thought that one man’s bad gift is another’s treasure. So add your own horrendous acquisitions and peruse the others – some of which could be yours if they’re available and you strike a sweet deal with the current owner.