Revolving Ashtray.

Okay, so I don’t smoke. And, happily, I don’t even have many friends who do the dirty deed anymore. But if I were all cool and European-like I would definitely need to own the revolving ashtray by Arne Jacobsen. One minute you see the ashes, then with a twist of the finger – voila! – they’re gone. So Scandinavian chic.


Twig Jewelry Stands.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I’m an admitted jewelry whore. That combined with my need for organization leaves me looking for a way to store my collection. I don’t really like keeping it all in a jewelry box where I can’t see everything – especially my necklaces because then I end up wearing the same three all the time.

Jewelry stands used to be really popular, but now it seems the only places to find them are flea markets and Claire’s. Besides that, they’re usually gold or pink and fuzzy – neither of which is my style. That’s what made coming across these twig jewelry stands that much more exciting. I love the different tiered levels, giving you a place for clasp bracelets as well as necklaces.


Toro Tissue Ring.

My allergies and I are wishing we had one of these today.

The Toro Tissue Ring is an stylish alternative to the always unattractive tissue box. Made of stainless steel, Toro’s simplicity is the result of a perfect balance of weight and size – just right to let one tissue through at a time while staying firmly planted on the tissue stack.