Wax Crayons in a Box.

There’s really no reason for me to ever own a set of crayons that are A.) this pure or B.) this expensive because I’m not that cool of an artist. But you know what? Yeah, I still want them.

Pure beeswax is combined with all-natural pigments to create pure color that can be used in all kinds of ways. Children will find the chunky shape ideal for coloring and drawing forms and shapes. More accomplished artists can explore layering color or etching using the enclosed scraper. Artisans can even experiment with melting the wax with an iron. The 25 hues are based on an extension of Goethe’s 12-part color circle, which represents the natural progression of the color spectrum.

:: via Better Living Through Design


Basic Shapes Growth Chart.

It seems like every time the seasons change I have another friend popping out an addition to their family. There are lots of great baby gifts out there, but clothing only lasts a few months and toys a little longer. I like the idea of giving something that’s going to have a little more staying power.

Check out this growth chart that’s home to a family of animal characters created exclusively by combining the square, circle and triangle. It’s so well designed and better than the doorframe I had, that’s for sure. Available in blue, yellow, orange and green and printed on recycled paper using vegetable inks.

:: via Simple Lovely


Fill-In Baby Invites.

Almost all of my good girl friends are married, most of them with at least one kid or onto number two already. I wish I’d known about these fill-in baby invitations when they were having their baby showers. Then again, they’re pretty non-descript with no rattles or ducks or anything, so you could just as easily use them for a party of your own. I would!


Air Fork One.

Yes, definitely a Hardy-Har-Har product. But Air Fork One made me chuckle none the less. And from an adult perspective – albeit sans offspring – I suspect it might make feeding time a bit more entertaining for the both of you.



These modern children’s cards by Sweetbeets caught my eye this afternoon. I’d love to have a print of her four dominos card framed in my studio/office!