The Kids@Work desk and chair were designed by Ora Ito for Habitat’s Very Important Products for Kids Collection. So modern and sleek. I love the lines the silhouette creates. Preschool and kindergarten classrooms the world over need to be filled with these!


Bord Voor Een Kind.

Bord voor een kind was designed to become an extension of your already existing porcelain dinnerware as a child-friendly deep dish/plate with handles. But forget the kiddies – I want a set. I love the shape of the acrylic glass piece and think they’d make perfect pasta bowls.


Nursery Style.

When April of Chronicle Books contacted me about Serena Dugan and Lily Kanter’s Nursery Style book I jumped at the chance to learn more. The book is geared towards creating a personal, stylish and comfortable nursery. Rather than just going to a store and getting an out-of-the-box ensemble, Nursery Style encourages parents to reflect their own style and use unique design elements to create a more personal, meaningful nursery.

I love that someone has finally taken the initiative and put pen to paper on this subject! By bringing your own personal tastes into the nursery, everything becomes more cohesive and gives your home a more familial feel. Don’t get me wrong, having a child is a huge deal, but it doesn’t mean that the style and feel of your home has to change into some kiddie wonderland.

:: images via Chronicle Books


Make-My-Own-Monster Kit.

This is one of the absolute coolest things ever. No, seriously.

The experience begins when you receive the Make-My-Own-Monster Design Kit, that includes colored pencils, paper, and a detailed questionnaire. With this kit you create not only what the monster looks like, but you also create a story about the monster and describe his or her personality. Once you’ve completed the kit and sent it in, the designers at North American Bear Co. will faithfully reproduce your design as a plush monster, including a descriptive hang-tag that tells the story of your monster as you have described it and identifies you as the creator.

:: via BB-Blog


Charley Harper ABCs.

Who doesn’t love Charley Harper? Even if you’ve never heard the name before, chances are once you get a look at his vibrantly illustrated images you’ll have an “Aha!” moment. Everyone should have some Charley in their life and if Charley Harper: An Illustrated Life is a little out of your price range put your hand down. Because come May 1st Charley Harper ABCs will be released. I’m already thinking a few pip-squeaks on my list will be getting these this year.

:: via Black Eiffel


Hiya Crib.

It’s official. Half of the world is pregnant and this is the cutest crib ever.

The Hiya Crib conveys a sense of purity, simplicity and sustainability. Featuring fixed sides for maximum structural stability ensuring the crib is as safe as possible and an adjustable platform that can be moved into three different positions to grow with your baby.


Maharam Memory Game.

As a child Memory was one of my very favorite games. I’m loving this version.

“Maharam has been a pioneer in commercial fabric designs since 1902, bringing stunning patterned materials to the table. Now those patterns are available through the Maharam Memory Game. Like the classic memory game, players turn over two cards at a time and try to match the patterns. Consisting of 72 cards on heavy stock, richly colored and printed in Germany, the game features 36 different patterns.”


Swallow Mobile.

Swallows have to be my favorite avian friends because they’re just so aesthetically pleasing (or so says my inner Old Lady). The swallow mobile is a perfect example. Flensted Mobiles, of Denmark, create their mobiles so that the elements are in constant motion while the entire mobile maintains a harmonic balance. I dig it.


Play Tents.

Oh man, I totally would have wanted one of these play tents when I was a kid. In fact, I wouldn’t mind crawling into one for a nap right now. Great color and pattern choices in both girl and boy selections.