Boxsal Picnic Trio Collection

Today is definitely not the day for a picnic (thunderstorms and tornadoes, anyone?), but I’d love it if a boy showed up at my doorstep on a sunny 75 º day for a surprise outing and one of these in hand. Major points.


Apartment Feeder

I have three unused bird feeders gathering dust in my garage, it’s a fact. Why? A.) They were all housewarming gifts that aren’t really my taste. B.) I don’t want my patio to become an aviatic restroom. But this teeny, tiny Apartment Feeder from Pigeon Toe Ceramics does it for me. Measuring only 3.5″ wide it would neatly fit under the overhang that shelters my kitchen window. And minimal feed = minimal other things, too.


Grill About Town

I can hardly believe we’re a week into May already, where have the first four months of the year gone? And just like that, patio season is upon us and cooking out in the backyard (or on the balcony, or in a park, or on a table) is on the horizon. And yes, it’s “cooking out” not “barbecuing” – that’s a whole different ballgame. I have both a gas grill (thanks for the hand me down, Mom!) and small charcoal grill, how do you cook in the out of doors?


FRYKAT picnic charcoal grill


Mini Grill with cool bag






Happy Weekend

PHOTO: Jennilee Marigomen


01.  love these tie-on birthday crowns
02.  I need some neon in my spring wardrobe
03.  a little morbid, but some of us want to be modern even in death
04.  I’m awful at making lunch, looking forward to trying some of these recipes
05.  make a hanging gutter garden (then say that three times fast)
06.  yeah, I could shack up in this treehouse
07.  make your own Peeps + Cadbury Eggs (there’s even a deviled version!)
08.  I like the idea of a skewer station next to the grill
09.  cloud doughnuts
10.  a brilliant paper record player invitation from Kelli Anderson

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Geodesic domes are everywhere, surely the birds should have their own! The design, by Kelly Lamb, makes a perfect nesting spot for small species and has an easy access door for cleaning between seasons.


Van Hulsteijn Bikes

With spring and warm weather finally here (It was 91º on Tuesday!) my bike obsession has returned full force. I’m loving this one by Van Hulsteijn. Herman van Hulsteijn manages to create an aesthetic that’s somewhere smack dab in the middle between futuristic and retro. Damn.