Rocki-1-Design Crush


I own a few different devices for playing/amplifying my music collection, and what I really love about ROCKI compared to the others is its size. It fits in the palm of my hand and is endlessly portable. In fact I toted it along to the beach with me over the weekend and it worked seamlessly – despite all of the sand. There are several other cool things about ROCKI worth noting. First, it’s easy to use even if you aren’t tech-saavy. Just download the (free) app and you’re off. This little gem-shaped speaker can turn any of your music devices (RE: hi-fi amp, old boom box, iPhone, etc) into a better sound via wifi instead of bluetooth, which limits usage to your proximity to a device. Oh, and it’s seriously affordable.


Rocki-2-Design Crush


Rocki-3-Design Crush


Soundfreaq Sound Rise + Giveaway



If you’re like me you prefer to wake up to one of your favorite mellow tunes rather than the jarring blare of an alarm clock. Those first few minutes of the day can determine your mood for hours (especially on a Monday), and Soundfreaq created the alarm clock/bluetooth speaker hybrid Sound Rise with just that in mind.




The stacked design looks right at home on your bedside table in either black or wood tones, and the sound quality is seriously impressive. You can also enjoy solid sound while you get ready or soft music to relax to while falling asleep. Control the tone of your music with neutral, warm, and bright options for a customized experience. One of my favorite Sound Rise functions is the ability to set different alarm times for weekdays and weekends – who hasn’t accidentally set their Saturday wakeup for 6am? The worst. And you can even blackout the digital display, perfect for someone light sensitive like myself. Sound Rise features a USB power port you can use to keep your phone charging while you sleep, without having to fuss with a dock of any kind. Just one last thing: a nap timer. Soundfreaq has seriously thought of everything!




And now the part you’ve been waiting for – a chance to win your own Sound Rise! Get every day off to a better start by entering any number of ways below, but do it before Sunday, June 15th at 11:59 pm.
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