2013 Calendar Swap


It’s time to kickoff the 4th Annual Design Crush/Greedy Girl Calendar Swap! You’re excited, yes? I’ll be sharing 2013 calendars through the end of November to give you some beautiful options, and Caroline will be sharing some in our 2013 Calendar Swap Pinterest board too. We hope you’ll join in on the fun times ahead!


Here’s what you need to know:

By November 5th (that’s a Monday), email calendarswap@gmail.com and tell us the following:
… your name
… your email address
… the name of your blog and the name of your favorite blog
… your street address
… whether you prefer an international or in country swapmate – or does it matter?
… are you interested in sending (and receiving) more than one calendar (from different swappers)? If so, how many?

We’ll pair you up and send your swapmate’s details on or around November 12th.
You MUST have your calendar sent by December 5th.


Here are some things to keep in mind:

VALUE. Keep your calendar between $20 and $30. And, since there are some perfectly lovely and super-affordable calendars out there, you might try throwing in a few small goodies if the calendar’s value doesn’t quite add up. Also, handmade is great — just remember the suggested value.

SHIPPING. If you choose to have an international swapmate, don’t forget it will cost you a little bit more (a few dollars, maybe) to ship your calendar.

CONSIDERATION. Check out your swapmate’s website or blog, or consider getting to know his or her tastes via e-mail, to get an idea of what he or she might like.

TIMELINESS. Please, please, please send your calendar on time.

THE FINE PRINT. This is the part we hate to have to mention, but it has to be said. Though it’s rare and has definitely gotten better over the years, it never fails that at least one super swapmate sent out the most amazing calendar and received nothing in return. And that pisses us off. If you’ve dropped the ball in the past, we know who you are and we’ll be watching for you. You’re on a list. A black list.


2012 Calendars – Take #2

Flora & Fauna wall art calendar from Anna Cote

printed calendar set from Bookhou At Home

12 month calendar from Leah Duncan

letterpress calendar from Moontree Letterpress

cross-stitch letterpress calendar from Pistachio Press

floral hanging wall calendar from Silhouette Blue

calendar from Southern Fete Creative

calendar from Studio Morran

deluxe wall calendar from susyjack


You’re signed up for the 2012 Calendar Swap, yes?


2012 Calendars – Take #1

Row 1: Frankie wall calendar, Spread the Love veneer wall calendar, Sycamore Street Press French pastry letterpress calendar
Row 2: Leah Duncan geometric wall calendar, Rifle Paper Co. garden calendar print, Hammerpress vamos bicycle calendar
Row 3: egg press desk calendar, Two Trick Pony Year of Type, Blackbird Letterpress Here Comes the Rain calendar


 Have you signed up for the 2012 Calendar Swap yet?!