Happy Weekend

1-Design Crush

2-Design Crush

3-Design Crush

4-Design Crush

5-Design Crush

6-Design Crush

7-Design Crush

8-Design Crush

9-Design Crush

10-Design Crush

01/ A necklace of family memories.
02/ And then a giant duck floated down the River Thames.
03/ I want to swing on this art exhibit so badly!
04/ A nativity for the minimalist.
05/ Printable wrapping paper for classic video game lovers.
06/ A lamp that blows bubbles!
07/ Beautiful architectural watercolors.
08/ How babies are really made.
09/ Sculptures made of thousands of pennies.
10/ A clever Urban Shelf.


Tricks + Treats

Row 1: Embroidered Skull Brooch by An Astrid Endeavor, 4 Ingredient Homemade Pumpkin Yogurt from Babble, Printable Candy Bar Wraps + Treat Bag Toppers from Creature Comforts // Row 2: Petri Dish Jell-o from Sugar & Cloth, Stitched Halloween Decorations via How About Orange, Killer Bloody Mary by Mighty Girl // Row 3: Crock-Pot Baked Apples by Skinny Chef, DIY Glam Lace Mask by Camille Styles // Row 4: Pumpkin Keg from Tasty Trials, Pumpkin Seeds 3 Ways by House of Earnest, DIY Drippy Nails from Honesty WTF // Row 5: DIY Glow-in-the-Dark Halloween Art by How About Orange, Silver Antiqued Pumpkins by House of Earnest, Creepy Halloween Label Printables by Funkytime

All photos copyright of their respective sites.


Happy Weekend

01/ I wish my cats wanted to play dress up with cardboard. They only want to eat it.
02/ Love the Cracked Up Colander!
03/ Amazing water-activated street art.
04/ Buuut… my heads would be way into this book of cat poems.
05/ Beautiful brass button covers.
06/ Ghettoblaster – a giant papercraft boombox with a car inside.
07/ Rothko in RICE.
08/ The New York Times has never looked so good.
09/ National Hero Registration Forms!
10/ Clever temporary tape picture frames.


Happy Weekend

01/ The Mason Jar cocktail shaker. Hipster approved.
02/ Humiliating giant head squirrel feeder.
03/ A DIY to save your sofa arms and spare an end table.
04/ AmoeBAND, a customizable bandage.
05/ A combo Beer/Shotglass, talk about space saving.
06/ Cookie + coffee cup = the cookie coffee cup!
07/ Animal sculptures made of reclaimed household items.
08/ Ever think of painting your shelves?
09/ Solar. Making triple digit temps look good.
10/ STACKED – wine, stemware, and corkscrew in one!


Olympic Mania

Don’t even get me started on that logo, but the 2012 London Olympics kick off Friday and I couldn’t be more excited – I’m such a nerd. I guess it all started back in the Barcelona Games in 1992, when Kim Zmeskal and Shannon Miller (who I later took a college anthropology course with, FYI) faced off in gymnastics. I recorded it on VHS and rewatched the all-around competition over and over again. Like I didn’t know the end result. There’s just something so captivating about people who work so hard and are so incredibly driven towards something that gets me in the gut. Which is why I’ll be absolutely glued to the television for the next two weeks and go into a mild depression after the Closing Ceremony. Wait, is 32 too late to pick up a sport?

11 Vintage Sports Posters to Celebrate the Olympics

An Olympic Medal Worthy of a Design Award

London Skyline Print

Coca-Cola Beatbox

The 2012 London Olympics Torch

London By Hand Poster

The History of Olympic Pictograms

That Big Event in London Reality Check Souvenir Bags

MEANDTHIS’s take on the Olympic Posters

Olympic Party Invites

From London to London, 54 Years of Olympic Logos

Banksy Interprets the Olympics


Happy Weekend

01/ Chicago’s Logan Square as a giant Monopoly game? Yes, please!
02/ My Better Half, a sugary sweet project.
03/ Max Dalton’s Horror Die Cut Collection is a nice follow up to #2, yes? (Not even on purpose!)
04/ If I had a juicer named Edwin I think I’d be drinking more juice.
05/ Rad DOM-I-NO candle holder.
06/ Super fun graphic July desktop wallpaper.
07/ Peel ‘n press pockets!
08/ Two board game projects in one week? YES. Check out The Realistic Game of Life.
09/ Any excuse to look at 84 miles of suspended string.
10/ This paint chip wall looks time consuming, but awesome.


Happy Weekend

01/ Have the best tent in the campground!
02/ DIY vintage tin candles – perfect for dining al fresco.
03/ Intricate geometric papercuts.
04/ Girls paper dolls!
05/ Dream come true – an outdoor library!
06/ Get your desktop in the mood for summer.
07/ Clever pyramid scheme measuring cups.
08/ Care for a slice of tea?
09/ The BEST watertower.
10/ These dip-dyed marshmallows would make crazy cool s’mores!


Happy Weekend

01/ A grid wall, every designer’s hot dream.
02/ Mark Bittman’s No Fuss Dessert Generator.
03/ Cross-stitched cookies!
04/ The Human Pantone Guide, so smart.
05/ I love a good rock transformation.
06/ The prettiest anatomical cross-sections you’ll ever see!
07/ It’s official, I love 2D type and 4D type just as much.
08/ Unexpected rainbow origami street art.
09/ Miniature scenes to wear on your fingers.
10/ Oh man, Wes Anderson Bingo. IT’S ON.



Happy Weekend

01/ Beautiful brick biotopes.
02/ Always wanted concrete walls?
03/ A great idea to add some texture to your outdoor planters.
04/ Loving this Jenga-esque DIY stacked wood table!
05/ Dreaming of a large-scale straw blown trees project!
06/ Already downloaded these to keep track of my summer reading list.
07/ Kinetic Creatures made from cardboard! Support the project.
08/ Such a smart/fun/versatile backdrop idea.
09/ Crushing hard on Sweater Letters.
10/ Deconstructing the Houses is insane!