Word: evie s.

wake up.

in a long cavernous hall
nearby, a sign
two keys
not sure what it means
body cold and spread
was i left for dead?
an eerie light
where am i?
eyes closed
tears are shed.
a whimper, a whisper
“the keys,” she said.
one for this door,
one for that
footsteps near, she cranes her neck
a gentle tug on the door and he suggests

“honey? come back to bed.”

must have been sleepwalking again, she warily said.

A big thank you to evie s. for this week’s contribution to Word!

Word: Ill Seen, Ill Said.

Naked, I dive in. Seaweed tendrils circle my legs, tickling the back of my knees, coaxing me down. I plunge again, lungs gulp-full of air. Little particles move like dust motes across my path. My arms break them into a swirling, eddying torment.

Now, I go deeper, my lungs starting to hurt, the water darker, cocooning all around me, stilling my senses. My head lightens. And I wonder if what’s left is the real me or the adrenalin talking. But I feel loose, meant to be underwater, happy to give it all up and let the undertow take me.

The water flecked now with glitter. Without deciding, I’m moving back towards the sun on the surface. And I’m there. Gasping and spluttering for breath through smiles, exhilarated and beat. I look back at the boat; yesterday’s bikini still drying in the sun. I flip and turn, kicking further out. I’m not ready to go back to all that yet.

Thanks to Jane of Ill Seen, Ill Said for this week’s edition of Word! You can check out guest posts from past weeks right here.


Word: Bits of Beauty.

A big thanks to Jennifer of Bits of Beauty for starting today off with another great edition of Word!

{Knocks at door}

Ugh, how can the store be locked, our appointment was 15 minutes ago.
I have stolen treasures from my rotten ex-boyfriend I must fence and that man across the street is staring at me. I have no idea why, I don’t look suspicious at all. I’m the picture of discretion. Perhaps, he is admiring me. Of course! Look how stylish I am! I’m part Grace Kelly and part Hitchcock heroine. How could that worthless prick possibly cheat on this? Bastard.
It’s ok, I’ll be getting my revenge, if this fool ever opens the door.
God, I have to pee. I do look fabulous though.


Word: enJOY it.

This week’s Word is brought to you by the lovely Elise of enJOY it! If you haven’t checked out her blog or shop yet I highly recommend it. Immediately after reading this of course….

one, two, three go.
it’s me.
all alone.
on a stage.
under lights.
with a poem,
that i forgot.
so i’ll just wing it.
one, two, three go.


Word: The Lil Bee.

This week’s Word is brought you by none other than one of my very, very favorite, favorite bloggers – Melisa of The Lil Bee

{via ffffound – photographer?}

I look too wrinkled? I do, right? I’m wrinkled. Shoot. Should I steam? Maybe I could hang it in the shower for a minute. Wait, no…it’s already 9:15! Omigod I am so late. Shoot, I cannot go out like this. Can I? Maybe if I blow-dry it I can get some wrinkles out! Perfect.

Ouch! S#it, damnit, what the, I burned my leg! Omigod ow. You know what? Screw it. It’s 92 f’ing degrees out anyway. I don’t even care if I’m wrinkled. Stupid job. At least I tried. Unlike Dumpy McDumperson Boss Lady. She’ll probably wear her “sensible shoes” again. Heinous. Whatever. All right, I’m out of here. Love you, see you later, hon!!

Oh, s#it. Where are my keys? Have you seen my KEYS??!!


Word: Shiny Squirrel.

This week’s edition of Word is brought to us by the ever-awesome Jessica of Shiny Squirrel. Hop on over to check out her wicked fashion sense and eye for art!

My Sleep

I snore. My ex-boyfriend told me it was terrible, but honestly how bad could it REALLY be??

However if I consider the way my mothers’ snoring is like a freight train coming through the room I could imagine that there were probably a lot of sleepless nights when we were together. The sound is loud and although I try and blame my diveted septum, which I found out I had maybe 6 months ago it doesn’t really help or stop the pain for the other party involved.

I tend to hog the bed curling myself in the blanket and dominating every inch of it. I sometimes wonder how I ever lived without my queen size bed because it never seems big enough anymore. I only sleep with one very thin pillow and a pillow case that I have had for the last 22 years. I only have the best sleep when I have it.

I stopped dreaming for about a year and half after I moved to Brooklyn. When I finally did they were either super sexual, super violent, or I was losing my teeth. I have only recently started getting back to normal dreaming where I have super powers mostly ones that involved climbing or shooting laser beams.

I wish I could sleep anywhere or I smiled when I slept like her. Although I am afraid I am not as graceful and if you were to take a photo of me when I was in a deep sleep my mouth would be gaping wide open and I would most definitely would be drooling.


Word: Old Sweet Song.

I’m pleased as pie to introduce a new weekly feature to you today called Word!

I’ve sent some of my favorite bloggers each a different photo and asked them to write something about it – a story, an inner monologue, a poem. There are no rules, only creativity.

To kick off the series this week is Old Sweet Song’s Amy…

Dear Mom,

France is unbelievable. I know I said I would only be here for a few weeks but that quickly turned into a few months. And I also know you want me to come back and finish school. But to be honest Mom, the thought of that makes want to break out into hysterics. I can’t go back, not now, maybe not ever.

Have you ever set foot in a city and felt truly at home? Like, a weight has been lifted, like this place is exactly where I am supposed to be. It’s an amazing feeling Mom. I know I am in the exact right place for me right now. Don’t worry, I have a great apartment in a safe neighborhood. It’s small and old but I love it. I got a job at a café just across the street. It has a very homey feel and there are tons of regulars who make it feel like a family. My French had gotten so much better.

I explore this beautiful place, my new home (still a little weird to say), as much as I can. I am almost living at the beach. I guess I’m making up for lost time having grown up about a million miles from the ocean. Oh and I’ve started writing again. Which has been wonderful. The last time I wrote anything was before dad died. I know you think I ran away, deserted you when you needed me most. And maybe I did and that is something I will have to make peace with in my life. But I couldn’t stay Mom, I felt like I was drowning. I needed to leave, to start over, to be somewhere that wasn’t only about death and sadness. I am truly sorry though. I hope someday you can understand that I saved myself by leaving. I’m happy again. Sometimes I’ll catch myself smiling. It’s wonderful. I’m not sure you would even recognize me.

I do hope someday you’ll come visit. I think it would do you some good to get away. You’ve never really traveled anywhere. Maybe now is your chance. It’s so beautiful here.

Oh and I met a boy. His name is Adrien. Mom, I think he loves me.