Maxim Gloves.

These cable knit Maxim gloves go all the way up to your elbow and are perfect for all those three-quarter sleeved winter jackets that are oh so trendy right now. All the others I’ve looked at have been well over $100 and these come in at about half that. Score!


Hat Love.

I accidentally stumbled upon this great khaki hat during lunch and love it. Check out the cheeky upturned brim and great khaki-green color!!! I’ve been on the hunt for something similar and this would make a great Christmas gift (hint, hint).


iWood Sunglasses.

I came across these iWood ecodesign wooden sunglasses last week and am a little fascinated by the idea. Each pair is designed using the highest quality, sustainable, wood veneer and the highest standards with nine varied styles to choose from. A bold environmental statement, wouldn’t you agree?


No-Knit Scarf.

Confession time.
I have a scarf/hat/winter coat fetish.

So much so that when the cold weather finally recedes and it’s time to store my Winter Wear it takes up an entire storage bin. Not including coats. Gulp. I can’t help it! Every winter there’s always some piece(s) that I just have to add to my arsenal against the elements.

So far this year there are two must-haves on my list. The Scoodie and now this No-Knit scarf. Maybe the No-Knit scarf doesn’t even have to count, it being a craft project and all…