These Anamorphic Cups by designer Ross McBride are really incredible. The stainless steel cup has a polished mirror finish. The porcelain saucer is printed with distorted images or words. These graphics can only be viewed correctly though the curved, reflective surface of the cup. The image is indecipherable when the cup and saucer are separate. The Anamorphic Cups are the first in the Anamorphic Series range of products. Future items will include a creamer and sugar dispenser, and drinking glasses. Salt and pepper shakers are already available.

I can’t seem to locate a retailer for cups or shakers, though I know they are available for purchase. If I come across one in the future I’ll make an update.


Abby Jean Press.

I love these wedding invitations by Abby Jean Press. Beautiful use of color combinations and type. Let’s put it this way: if I received one of these in the mail for a rodeo, which I despise, it would make me want to go to even that.


No. 10 Letterbox.

I’m in love. With a mailbox. That may sound wrong, but it feels so, so right.

The No. 10 Letterbox mailbox by PureDesigner is gorgeous (especially the brushed aluminun which isn’t pictures here). It’s severely unfortunate that they’ve been sold out since February and the site only holds empty promises of remanufacturing them (they’ve been bought out by houseArt).



Falling Garden.

The site is in German and the three years of the language that I took in high school are failing me. So I can’t tell you what it’s for or about, but i can tell you the obvious: that is that it’s beautiful.



Pratt graduate Annie Lenon breaks into the product market with her Civilitea earthenware tea cups. The double-walled slipcast earthenware cups feature a cast silver boat hardware piece on the side. The tea drinker wraps the teabag string around the cleat, holding it in place. Genius. (Originally posted by core77)


Cupcake Bakeshop.

I came across a new blog today – Cupcake Bakeshop – written by a woman who tracks down cupcake recipes (as well as creates her own) and posts them all on her blog. Mmm…cupcakes.


Get Outta Here: Moleskine.

Lengendary notebook maker, Moleskine, has just introduced an incredible new line of City Notebooks. So far they exist for Boston, NYC, San Francisco, DC, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Dublin, Lisbon, London, Madrid, Milan, Paris, Prague, Rome and Vienna. They cover all possible information you could need in a city you’re only visiting or already live in. The Key Map summarizes the overal layout, showing the metro system and listing stations. That’s followed up by Zone Maps that show large-scale maps of the city’s center and an alphabetical street index. Up to 76 blank pages give you space to write notes, while there’s also a 96-page tabbed section to organize information and thoughts. As if that’s not enough, there are 32 removable sheets and 12 translucent sticky sheets to overlay maps and route as you go. Oh, and did I mention they’re only hardbacked, 3.5 x 5.5″ and $16.95?


Kate Quinby.

Kate Quinby is an amazing little illustrator out of Seattle/Providence, RI that I came across in Communication Arts. (Seriously, a great issue.) By day she’s working for the Man at Starbucks Global Creative (their in-house ad/design department) and by night for herself under the name Croak and Hum.

Her philosophy is as fresh as her illustrations, “Don’t get caught. I feel as though I’ve tricked the universe into letting me draw pictures for a living, and I don’t have to make any secret deals or sell my soul…I’m hoping that if I keep busy and work hard, no one will notice that I’m actually doing what I wanted to do as a child.”


Naked & Angry.

No, not me. Them.

Naked & Angry exists to create products from patterns submitted and chosen by the brand’s audience. Anyone can come and submit a pattern design to be voted on by other N&A users. The design will be scored for 7 days at which time it will be given a final score. The highest scoring designs will be manufactured and products will be created inspired by the patterns. The winners will receive a $500 cash prize and 5 free Naked & Angry items. Pretty awesome. N&A was created by a team of web designers and developers called skinnyCorp who also created the Threadless community of t-shirts.