Good is Dead. The Work of Chip Kidd.

Chip Kidd is the closest thing to a rock star graphic design has. Kidd is recognized as a master of contemporary book design with his iconic covers, each a marriage of type and imagery. He’s basically influenced an entire generation of designers in every imaginable field.

And now he has a new book out. Chip Kidd: Book One collects all of his book covers and designs for the first time, as well as hundreds of developmental sketches and concepts. The book also showcases Kidd’s work with comics and graphic novels, including his collaborations with leading artists and writers in the field. Featured are projects for DC Comics, including Batman and Superman, as well as Kidd’s award-winning exploration of the art of Charles M. Schulz. Most notable, however, is the books design – a half cover relative to the full page layout. It’s going to be a handful to hold, but well worth it.

Check out Kidds site, too. I love the “design” design of it all.

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