Happy {Labor Day} Weekend.

+ I may have finally found a use for my paint chip collection!

+ Can’t wait to try my hand at these gift toppers.

+ I’d love to get a sweet note on one of these minis.

+ I can’t believe September is here and neither can my desktop. 1, 2, 3, 4

+ When a bicycle and a pickup truck have babies

+ Mad about the old-meets-new site design of Quipsologies.

+ I need this ID Blocker for my junk mail! I’m so tired of shredding everything.

+ It’s not too late to pass out invitations for a Labor Day shindig!

+ Have you seen this interactive film from Arcade Fire? Totally worth your time.

+ Hipster dinosaurs? Yes, please.

+ I need an iPad so I can buy one of these cases.

+Tea towels as curtains. Brilliant.

+ Loving Cee Lo Green’s F*ck You song and video!

Happy Labor Day!
Happy Weekend!

Hey, wait! Don’t forget, you have until Monday at 9am CST to tell me about the room in your home that needs a little TLC not the band for a chance to win a Design in a Bag!


Happy Weekend.

+ Song lyrics presented as Google Map directions.

+ A time-intensive mural made entirely of pennies.

+ Planning on picking up this book. And maybe taking on my own year-long project.

+ The best job description. Ever.

+ Definitely going to concoct my own batch of Hopsicles!

+ Obsessing over this tutorial on turning old paperbacks into custom hardcover books.

+ It’s not often I wish I were a man. This is one of them.

+ This post made the hopeless romantic side of me smile.

+ If you’re an OKCer, hit up Live on the Plaza tonight and get a $40 OKC/405 tattoo!

+ The office supply geek in me can’t wait for Sharpie’s Liquid Pencils to be released this fall.

+ Care to play a little Social Media Monopoly?

Happy Weekend!


Sweet & Saucy Shop.

Although I’m nowhere near Long Beach, California I thought I’d show off Sweet & Saucy Shop anyway. Their custom desserts look beyond delectable and I’m drooling over their gorgeously designed site. If you’re in the area swing by and say hello to owner/head pastry chef Melody Brandon. And don’t forget to pick up a treat for my sweet tooth, too!


I Love You But…

I love the honesty behind I Love You But… because every single one of us has been there at one point or another. I used to date a guy who said “Uhhh” all the time and it killed me. In fact, it became a deal-breaker.

This is a picture book about the moment in a relationship when you realize you don’t love someone completely, because there is one little thing that keeps bothering you. When it bothers you so much it actually makes you physically cringe, you know it’s time to say; ‘I love you but…’

:: via A Cup of Jo