DRY Soda Co.

Seattle-based DRY Soda Co. is anything but. Offering a line of all-natural, lightly sweetened sodas flavored with fruit or herb extracts and pure cane sugar, DRY is a modern alternative to mainstream sugar- or saccharine-laden drinks. Try kumquat, lavender, lemongrass or rhubarb for a kick in the taste buds. Or get really crazy and use the fizzy beverage as a mixer. Check out the DRY site for more ideas and insights into DRY Living.

And that bottle design? Swoon.

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  • Sara Christine

    Mmm yummy…I’ve tried the rhubarb flavor and it’s so unique! Love this stuff. And the packaging is super sleek. I will buy pretty much anything with pretty packaging, I’m a sucker for marketing. 😉

    07-30-08 » 4:34 pm »

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