Happy Weekend

01/ Mapping the origins of NYC rappers.
02/ This compatibility quiz is AWESOME.
03/ Faces in strainers.
04/ A fun ombre embroidery sampler.
05/ Dogs In Cars, a photography book.
06/ Check out this show-stopping glass raindrops installation.
07/ Reel is some super fun bike storage.
08/ Crushing on this interchangeable stamp ring.
09/ I could really use one of these notebooks!
10/ Pretty DIY watercolor linens.



A brand identity for Julian in Kansas City from Jordan Gray Creative. The restaurant features refined twists on familiar comfort food from chef Celina Tio. The name comes from Tio’s main cooking influences – Julia Child and her grandfather Julian. Fantastic color palette and type.


Found Organic Juice.

Found is the first carbon neutral juice company in the world. It’s 100% organic, pure fruit – no additives or preservatives. The intent of the bottle design was to mimic those thoughts with no front or back, making it as transparent as the juices. {via The Lovely Package}


Skin & Bones.

Skin & Bones is only one product, but it does everything except fold your laundry. Moisturize your face and body, deal with wrinkles, heal cuticles, everything. Hard to believe, but true.

S&B’s organic essential oil is made of the best smelling things – jojoba, ylang ylang, rosewood, lemon, frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood, jasmine, grapefruit and cedarwood. So not only does it actually work for just about everything, but it smells amazing and could literally pass for a unisex cologne. It’s even safe to use on your kids and pets. And I’m not even going to get started on that awesome packaging and branding (check out the story of the bottle here).


Burgon & Ball.

As I’ve made abundantly clear, I’m all about good jars and container. And these by Burgon & Ball make me want to flip my lid. Pun intended. Sorry, it’s early! Fill them will all of the tasty things you concoct in your own kitchen. {via eat drink chic}


Organic Avenue.

My mom has a collection of mini milk bottles from her hometown. I love the thick glass and raised ink of the logos. And I think that’s what draws me to this packaging from Ocean Avenue. Although the pretty colors and likelihood of tastiness are also high on my radar! {via The Dieline}



Each perfume bottle in the Nasomatto line of perfumes is original and distinctive while remaining true to a certain formulative look. Choose from the scents of Duro, Narcotic Venus, Hindu Grass, Silver Musk, Absinth or China Wine. Each designed and perfected by Alessandro Gualtierri.