Bee House Saltbox.

When in the kitchen I’m not a pinch-of-this-pinch-of-that sort of cook. I’m very by the book (er, recipe). The Bee House Saltbox would be perfect for that kind of person though – oh so adorable.

:: via The Kitchn

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  • Heather/OneShotBeyond

    Well, I am that kind of girl in the kitchen. Thanks for the share. They look like they have an easy to flip lid. NICE.

    10-28-08 » 3:32 pm »

  • amber {daisy chain}

    I saw these very boxes in Ashland a few weeks back and almost bought one for salt-by-the-stove. The I found one at Anthro for $4 and bought it instead, it’s not as cute at these by any means, but the price was right!

    10-28-08 » 6:11 pm »

  • Courtney

    I am totally that girl. I have a problem with always wanting to “doctor up” (as we say) every recipe I start cooking. Sometimes for the better, sometimes not :)

    I love these little containers. I have 4 porcelain ones with cork lids lining my stove right now that I keep different salts in (kosher, sea, Maldon, and black)

    10-28-08 » 6:45 pm »

  • Down Comforter

    its a lovely blog

    10-28-08 » 7:28 pm »

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