The Time Traveler’s Wife.

Oh my. Forgive me for a minute while I collect myself. You see my favorite book of all time – The Time Traveler’s Wife – is coming out on film August 14th. Normally when books I love become movies I’m prepared for disappointment. But this time… let’s just say the trailer alone left my stomach in knots and goosebumps on my arms…


Win It: Flights of Fancy.

For this week’s Win It the lovely Rachel Arnold of Flights of Fancy is giving away this super cute Sadie hair piece! Feathers, flowers and felt are all the rage right now and this is your chance to get in on the hot summer trend.

Here’s how:
1. Tell me where you would wear Sadie
2. Leave your email address in your comment (Unfortunately, all comments without an address will be considered ineligible)
3. Do it all before Monday, June 21 at noon CST

A winner will be chosen randomly shortly after the contest closes. Good Luck!


The Kitchen Faucet Project.

Ever since moving into my house last July one of the things I couldn’t wait to replace was the shoddy old kitchen faucet. It took nearly a year, but with the help of my mom and stepdad (okay, mainly my stepdad) I can call it finished! I love the new faucet’s gooseneck shape and the pulldown hose feature. There are two buttons on it that allow you to flip back and forth between stream and spray and needless to say, well, I kind of feel like a rockstar in the kitchen now! If you like it as much as me you can check it out here. One more project done and in the books!

PS: Sorry for the bad lighting in the photos – the weather was all over the place yesterday!


Happy Weekend.

{via .Yulia}

Hello weekend! It’s so nice to see you again.

This Weekend:
• watch game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals (GO PENS!)
• install new gooseneck faucet for my kitchen sink
• dinner with C + A
• finish reading The Host

Note: Don’t forget – you only have until Monday at noon CST to enter Win It: For Me, For You to snag Kate’s awesome print!

Happy Weekend!


The Daily Eat: Mushroom Bruschetta + Mushroom Roundup.

{recipe and photo via Elinluv’s Corner}

Mushrooms aren’t something you’d normally think to pair with a baguette. But that’s exactly what’s done in this recipe for Mushroom Bruschetta. And according to the write-up it’s a dynamic duo!


Sparkling Double Entryway.

{via ffffound}

When I first saw this photo I thought wow, they really crammed a lot of sparkly into a small space. But then when I really looked at it I realized how well it all worked together. The dazzling stained glass framing both entryways, the two-toned wallpaper, even the chandelier. And I think it all works because of the rest of the elements – the white doorway and parts of the walls, the accessories – they’re all deceptively clean and simple. Whatever the reason, it’s beautiful.


3 to See.

because of the great photos
and the great frocks
and the great blogger

because of the clean design
and the mouthwatering photos
and wanting to eat everything made
because it’s new to me
and she has my dream job
and shares project after project