MOR Cosmetics.

MOR Cosmetics is the brainchild of Australian designers, Dianna Burmas and Deon St.Mor. Thanks to their combined experiences in visual merchandising and industrial design, as well as a shared love for travel, food and the arts a brand was launched. MOR, meaning peacock in Hindi, is as luxurious to look at as it is to use.

4 Comments on “MOR Cosmetics.”

  • Megan

    Gorgeous packaging! I think when using beauty products, that's half the fun! Definitely bookmarking this for future inspiration :)

    07-08-09 » 3:13 pm »

  • Lyndsy

    I love their products. They have a marshmallow lotion and it is TDF. Super pretty packaging!

    07-08-09 » 4:19 pm »

  • LeniStav

    i love their packaging! so beautiful.

    07-08-09 » 4:36 pm »

  • Breana

    Dear Kelly,

    MOR Cosmetics loves your support!

    Thankyou so much for featuring our products on your blog.

    Looks fantastic!

    Kind Regards,
    MOR Cosmetics, Marketing Department

    12-07-09 » 2:59 am »

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