The Daily Eat: Turkey Egg Rolls + Turkey Roundup.

{photo and recipe White on Rice Couple}

Turkey in egg rolls? Yes! I love this take on a way to incorporate turkey into a Thanksgiving meal in a non-traditional manner.

1. Curried Turkey Croquettes 2. Herb Roasted Turkey Salad
3. Grilled Kibbe Kebabs
4. Open Faced Turkey Sandwich
5. Pumpkin Turkey Chili 6. Turkey and Cranberry Quesadillas
7. Herb Roasted Turkey Breast
8. Turkey Meatballs with Quick Tomato Cream Sauce
9. Turkey Breakfast Sausage

All recipes and photos via/copyright their respective blog sources unless otherwise noted there within.


Gifted: Drip Stop Spoon Holder + Kitchen Pencil.

Seems to me that Eno and Sebastian Bergne’s Drip Stop Spoon Holder + Kitchen Pencil could get a touch messy, but I love the concept nonetheless. I think most cooks would. And that spoon holder is just so minimalistic and gorgeous!


Christmas Card Roundup: Part 3.

{Parrot Design Studio}
Peace and Joy Letterpress Postcards
{Satsuma Press}
feathers holiday card
Scratch n Sniff Holiday Cards
{simplesong designs}
merry christmas library card
{Smock Paper}
Letterpress Holiday Cards
{snow & graham}
tweets new year card
{Sycamore Street Press}
Season’s Greetings Letterpress Holiday Card
{Two Brunettes}
Partridge in a Pear Tree Card
{Wiley Valentine}
Holiday Greetings
{YeeHaw Industries}
Red Merry Christmas Hand Printed Letterpress Card


Picture It.

{Zach Genin}


Gifted: Flight Bag.

I love the vintage look of Wm. J. Mills & Co.’s flight bags. They remind me of the days when getting on an airplane was a luxury and sort of glamorous. You know, the days when you were actually served instead of herded. But I think they could also remind me of a lunch bag to haul my daily necessities back and forth from work! (They come in a ton of colors, but I’ve been on a gray and canary kick lately.) {via housemartin}


Holiday Make It #6: Thumbtacks and Paper Doilies.

I think this flowing conglomeration of paper doilies and thumbtacks looks like a lovely snowstorm drifting across the wall. And although that’s not this project’s intended interpretation, I think that’s exactly what it’s going to be when I recreate it in my entryway for the holidays! {via Apartment Therapy}


The Daily Eat: Rosemary Turkey Squares.

{photo and recipe Taste and Tell}

I think these Rosemary Turkey Squares would make lovely grab-and-go lunches and dinners. And I don’t know anyone who couldn’t use an extra go-to recipe like that during the holiday madness that’s about to take hold!


Christmas Card Roundup: Part 2.

{Caitlin Keegan}
Hand-Printed Holiday Card Set
{Chewing the Cud}
Letterpress Holiday Telegrams

{The Hummingbird Card Company Ltd.}
{Lucky Bee Press}
Letterpress Holiday Notecard
{maida vale}
Letterpress Holiday Card
{Miss Pickles Press}
Rudolph holiday greeting card
Holiday Tree Eco-Friendly Cards
{Night Owl Paper Goods}
Straw Ornaments Card
{Pearl & Marmalade}
A Brontosaurus-ish Holiday Card Set
{Rifle Paper Co.}
Garland Christmas Card

Stay tuned for Part 3 tomorrow!


Word: Capturing the Seven.

{Hakan Photography}

I think I lost him…

Thank goodness I decided to wear these black boots and not those white stilettos my high-fashion mother wanted me so desperately to don on my wide, athletic feet. These cobblestone streets and high heels would have been a recipe for disaster. Or at least a host of cuts and scrapes taking residence on my knees.

No one could understand why I wanted to wear a short white dress. Non-conformist they called me. Who wears a short white dress? I do, I told them. I will, I asserted to them. I am, I proclaimed to them when they greeted me after the ceremony. It was then that they ceremoniously glanced from my perfectly pinned back hair on down to the thin strand of pearls around my neck and sighed with relief. ‘At least she did two things normal’ they were thinking. ‘Normal’. I had begun to hate the word about 6 months ago and it made my blood boil more and more every time I heard it. Why do things have to be ‘normal’? Why can’t they have personality? Or just be our way? Why not?

The plan was hatched after the third month of hearing “Why not do it this way? It’s the normal way to do it.” There was a reason we suggested eloping a year ago. It was to avoid days like this but of course neither side of our families could accept it. So as we went along with “their” plan, we wrote up our own. After the cutting of the cake we would each sneak off without detection; everyone would have had their fair share of champagne, vodka gimlets, and sugar by then. They wouldn’t notice as we left out of separate exits only to meet about 10 minutes away at our favorite bistro. They wouldn’t notice a thing.

And they didn’t. Except the photographer. I couldn’t help myself! I wanted to document the first day of the rest of our lives. As I was sneaking toward the exit to make my escape, I realized that I hadn’t brought my own camera and the hired photographer’s would be the one that I was taking with me. And so I grabbed it and ran.

And here I am now. One block away from my new husband; who will be ready to run away with me. To live our lives the way we want. As non-normal as we want. With a ‘borrowed’ camera and all…

:: written by Jennifer of Capturing the Seven


Picture It.

{via ffffound}