Happy Weekend.

{via Apartment Therapy LA}

+ I’m obsessed with these rotary phones straight out of the British General Post Office of the 1950s to 1970s up for sale

+ I’ve had this environmental art installation bookmarked for ages and now know the back story!

+ Definitely making these Guinness brownies for St. Patrick’s Day!

+ These downloads might help you get in the Green Spirit, too

+ Love this sleek silver pourer for the dinner table

+ I’d love to seed bomb the crap outta Midtown!

+ Enthralled by this time-lapse of a book cover design

+ Excited to see what’s next for Design Milk’s new Designer Desktops series

Happy Weekend!

8 Comments on “Happy Weekend.”

  • caroline duke

    that book cover time lapse thing is INSANE.

    03-12-10 » 9:40 pm »

  • Sandy

    Ohhh I bet if I made those Guinness Brownies for a St. Patty's day party I am going to tomorrow, they would be the HIT of the party! I love that image of flowers in the ice cream cone, HOW CLEVER!

    03-12-10 » 9:40 pm »

  • Jessica

    Guinness brownies sound amazing!

    03-13-10 » 12:27 am »

  • Anna Liesemeyer

    another fun round of links:) Excited about those desktops too!

    03-13-10 » 4:52 am »

  • Brandi

    I absolutely adore that photo! Such a cute idea. Hope you're having a lovely weekend…I'll be checking out all these lovely links you left for us.

    03-14-10 » 5:01 am »

  • Katy Beau

    I love seeing the genius if designers at work. Our era are going to be looked back on as the pinnacle of book cover art, I'm sure of it.

    Hey, I grew up in a typical English 1933 semi- detached house which came with a rotary telephone exactly like those! Only ours was the common colour – shiny black. I used to love that phone and the noise of the dial going round.

    03-14-10 » 8:28 am »

  • The Lil Bee

    Did you make the Guinness brownies? I hope you're sleeping in today, pumpkin. Late work nights are no fun:(

    03-17-10 » 2:43 pm »

  • Kelly

    no, i didn't make the brownies. hopefully this weekend, post st. patty's day. and no, not sleeping in either – been at work since 7!


    03-17-10 » 2:44 pm »

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